17 Pieces: Chapter 3

August 20, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 3

“Are you going out with us tonight J,” Cherry asked. I said no. I did not want to miss the ice cream Big John promised to take for me. Big John got in about 9 p.m. The TV programme had just started when the big muscular man walked in and turned up the volume. He smiled and handed me a bucket of ice-cream.
“Is everyone gone out?” he asked.
“Yeah!” I beckoned. He lounged into the sofa next to me and rubbed my shoulder.
“I guess it is you and me tonight,” he said. He rolled down his blue pants and his private part stood up straight as a rod.
“Pour some ice-cream on it and lick it like lollipop,” Big John chuckled. Fear crawled over me and I sprung from the sofa before he grabbed me and forced his private part in my mouth.
“Shut the fuck up and lick it like lollipop else I will kill you this minute,” Big John shouted. Tears burst as clouds and I sucked his private part. His big hands grabbed me and gripped my clothes off.
“No, no please don’t,” I screamed. He slapped me on the mouth to silence and dragged me to a bed. He gripped off my underwear and tore my legs in two pieces and forced his private part into me. Blood spilled as pain rocked my body. Every part of me was being torn into pieces. Big John weighted heavily on me until I was numbed to the pain. He finally shouted in passionate and jumped off me. Perspiration was pouring over his body. I laid there shaking and I could not find the strength to move. Blood was all over the sheet. My senses frightened me that I laid in  my aunt room.
“There will be hell in this house tonight,” I thought but I fear being killed by Big John. So I tried to move. Big John grabbed his head and left the room and return with a bear in his hand. I thought he was going to hit me so I screamed out, “please don’t, just fuck me, I won’t tell anyone.”
“You better not, you little slut,” Big John grunt. He wrapped me in the bloody sheet and throw me in the bathroom. He turned on the shower that shock my body with pain. The water peppered my skin and fire erupted from my body. But I was numbed to the pain.
“You better wash that clean before anyone gets here,” Big John commanded. I managed to wash the sheets. I had a bath and changed. Painful spasms shook my body as I crawled to the living room to watch TV and eat my ice cream like nothing happened.
“J, where you got that from,” my aunt asked as she walked through the door looking at the ice-cream in my hand.
“Uncle Marcel,” I cried.
“Big John, where are you?” my aunt shouted, “you better go to your bed lazy child and give me that ice-cream.”
“Sorry!” I said ran to the room that I share with my cousin. I could not sleep yet because she was not sleeping yet. She looked at me in a troubled way.
“What’s up slut?” she asked.
“Nothing at all,” I said casually and hid my face toward the wall.
“Ok cool, I don’t want to bug you but I know something is always going on with you,” Ava said looking strangely at me.
“I love how you don’t talk me still in public. What have I done to you huh? Is it about last night?” Jackie cried.
“You must be kidding,” Ava chuckled, “me associate with you in public.”
“Please talk to me, I was just a little over the edge I’m sorry ok. I promise I won’t behave like that again ok,” Jackie begged, “someone hurt me tonight.”
“Hush my dear, sorry to hear,” Ava said. “babes what’s up  are you ok? Why didn’t you didn’t go with us? And how comes you don’t feel good? What’s wrong?”
“It is ok and everything is ok with me, just use the time to chill out,” Jackie said, “Let’s go to bed.”

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