Women and the Equal Pay Issue

January 28, 2013 1:34 pm

Equal Pay

Women & equal pay

The issue of wages in the UK is a complex subject that includes the minimum wage increase debates and the London Living Wage campaign. Equal pay is another element of it that features heavily in recruitment, employment issues and women’s rights. When will the day come when women earn the same amount as men? The Fawcett Society finds that women are still paid around 14.9% less each hour than men are. This pay gap can mean that women have to look for alternative financial arrangement such as loans online.

Why is equal pay still an issue?

Despite the Equal Pay Act and strides towards gender equality, it seems like women earning the same amount as men is not enforced as strongly by some companies because the private sector is less regulated than the public sector. Charities also argue that workplaces do not put as much worth in part-time work or flexible employment arrangements such as job shares. These jobs are popular with many mothers who want to build a solid career while nurturing their children and families. If the private sector does not invest in flexible work arrangements, equal pay for all women cannot be achieved as smoothly as it should.

When will equal pay happen?

The Chartered Management Institute produced research that asserts that equal pay will not be achieved for women in the UK until 2067. That’s a long way away and it is a stark reality for many campaigners that even after decades of work, it’s a marathon for gender equality in the workplace.

How can the public be involved in equal pay initiatives?

Getting involved in changing the perception of equal pay can be done in innovative ways beyond traditional campaigning. If you want to try new ideas, take a look at some of the ones you can start immediately:

  • Start a business: Female entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to boost equal pay for women by employing women in key employment roles . Businesses in the consumer and B2B markets are ideal for women who have bright ideas to meet customers and client needs.
  • Develop an extra income stream: Women should lessen their dependence from the private sector to be the sole source of pay. This could include side work such as freelancing or consulting.

Earning the same pay as men is not a privilege, it’s a human right. Let’s make sure that it happens sooner rather than later for women as key drivers of value in the workplace.

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