What To Expect When You Fall In Love

September 4, 2018 11:04 am


Your palms are sweaty; knees weak, you’re arms are heavy. Yep, you’re falling head over heels for a boy. Don’t worry because it happens, even if it is against your better judgement. And, it’s pretty cool as you get to share experiences with a lover and a best friend.

Of course, not everyone makes it past the pitfalls. Relationships are full of surprises that tear people apart, and the best way to avoid them is to spot them beforehand. You might not be able to do it with every single one, but there are a few general expectations which you can study. Here are some lifehacks from me.

This is what to expect when you fall in love and how you should act.

You Want To See Them Every day

It’s annoying how much you want to be around them and hear their voice and laugh at their jokes. All you can think about during the day is getting home and seeing their face because it’s the pinnacle of your day. Although you should indulge as much as possible, it’s important not to suffocate your BF. Plenty of expert divorce solicitors deal with breakups due to partners being too needy. So, try and hold back every time you want to call or text and give them some space.

You Imagine Your Future

How many kids will you have? Where will you lift? Where are you getting married? As soon as you fall in love, these are the sort of things you’ll think about on the regular. No matter how much you like to ponder it in your head, don’t think aloud. For one thing, you might not make it that far so planning your future will hurt more when you split. Secondly, it will scare him to death! Wait until he’s ready before talking about marriage, buying a house and having kids.

You Want To Impress Their Family

Meeting the parents is an art that some people aren’t good at. It’s because of the pressure. Your beau approves of you, but he might want his mum and dad to give their blessing too. Although it might not be a deal breaker, he’ll want everyone to get along. So, it’s easy to feel the tension and try too hard. When this happens, you’re not going to make as good an impression as you would like to. Embrace the nerves yet don’t let them take over your whole body as they’ll ruin everything. Remember that they want to love you, so give them a reason.

You Buy Them Gifts

And you do it because you can. You know the surprise will put a smile on his face, and that makes you want to do it more. By all means, spend some cash because he is the One. However, don’t go overboard and splash more than you can afford. Holidays and cars and loans might seem romantic until you’re in a tight spot financially. Plus, you don’t want to go over-the-top early on as he might expect lavish presents all the time.

Have you gone through any of the above?

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