Volvo Trucks Gives Advertising a New Breath of Life

November 14, 2013 12:18 pm

In your average TV break you can expect to see at least two adverts which contain “the new *insert random car make here*”. The nation has most likely become numb to that type of advertising because it is blasted in our face almost every day. In a survey conducted amongst 60 students, when asked about current car advertisements, 80% of them were familiar with the advert and could describe roughly what happens but only 15% were actually able to tell you what type of car the advert was selling.

That is why it is refreshing to see Volvo Trucks continue their mission to provide a new type of advert, previously unseen in the motor vehicles industry. We have shown you their advert with a hamster driving one of their trucks down a steep and dangerous cliff side. Now their latest advert, in a bid to show off the trucks’ dynamic steering capabilities, they have two trucks in perfect tandem driving backwards with a man doing the splits, one foot on the side of each truck. What makes the advert even more memorable is Enya’s “Only Time” adding a sense of epic achievement to the whole fiasco. Most importantly, the advert is memorable.

Whilst most of us will never drive or use a Volvo Truck, we will certainly be aware of them and that is the first step to successful advertising. People need to know the brand name, not just what happens in the advert and with a series of crazy and beautiful stunt performing advertisements, Volvo Trucks are doing what other motor vehicle companies should have started to do a while back. The company that stands out from the crowd is the company people will remember best…

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