The Life of Kia Garriques

November 5, 2013 10:00 am

“It is only in times of desperation and defeat that your full powers will come forth. But you must believe this. To believe is to survive.” Excerpt from Innovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes

Innovera YakovInnovera Yakov – The Journey of A Thousand Eyes is the first book in an action-packed fantasy drama series written by the 28 year old author, Kia Garriques. Growing up in Montserrat, West Indies, where a ‘writing career’ was frowned upon, Kia possessed the drive to push past other people’s views and perceptions and follow her dreams (and even nightmares) to write from the influence of her own subconsciousness.

Kia studied Writing and English Literature in Middlesex University before starting to write short stories under the pen name of Kia Storm and publish works such as Locked Up, The Watcher and Fly Away Butterfly. These mini projects were the run-up to her 2013 hit debut novel, Innovera Yakov- A Journey of A Thousand Eyes, a world where falling in love could cost your life and thoughts or feelings were overheard. A land where young Innoverans were faced with constant physical and emotional challenges and their fate was decided by the Circle of Knowing.

Kia believes: “Innovera Yakov is a story about the power of love and loyalty. You must accept yourself and embrace your strengths and talents in order to make the most of the gift of life.” “You have to work with what you have and no one knows that more than Ayana who had to learn to love her scars and love herself for who she is.”

Through this book you realise life or love is never easy. There will always be a final obstacle in the way, a final threat. It is the skills and experiences we gain in life that are needed to reach a journey’s end, but is everything as it seems? The story allows the reader to enter ” another plane filled with subhuman experiences wrought with danger and the unexpected.”*

I see great things for Kia and her futuristic conflicted series.

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*(see: Amazon reviews)

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