The Big Teams Christmas Wishes: Liverpool

December 25, 2014 3:34 pm

With Christmas just a few days away, kids around the world are posting their letters full of wishes to Santa. But they are not the only ones. With half of the season complete for some, football clubs around the world are have also drawn up their lists of presents they want from Santa. Let’s have look at what Liverpool could ask the Man in Red and White, according to what their season has brought them so far.


1. Anything positive: Liverpool’s season has been a case of disaster after disaster. With league title already out their reach, the inability to replace Luis Suarez, the endless injuries of Daniel Sturridge and their premature elimination from the UEFA Champions League, there is just nothing positive going on with Liverpool at the moment. So wish number 1: ‘Dear, Santa, just give us anything that positive. Please mate, anything’.
2. Confidence: Despite finishing 2nd in the BPL last season and scoring more than 100 goals, Brendan Rodgers troops have seriously been out of form this season. Possible reason: Confidence. Whether it’s the case or not, Brendan Rodgers should definitely ask Santa to give his boys a confidence booster for Christmas.
3. A little more from Sterling: Raheem Sterling has definitely been Liverpool’s  best player this season. But despite his efforts, the Reds are still staring at the abyss. Maybe if the English men did a little more, Liverpool season would have been a lot different. So wish number 3: ‘Dear Santa, give Raheem the right tools so that he can shine a little brighter’.
4. May The Real Balotelli rise up: Ever since his £16 million transfer from AC Milan, Mario Balotelli has been spectator playing in field. With just 2 goals to his name since he joined the Mersyside club in, Brendan Rodgers must be wondering what he has to do to get the best out of ‘Super Mario’. So number 4 on Brendan’s list: ‘Give Balotelli something that will make him live up to his potential’.
5. Get Sturridge off the treatment table: Ever since featuring for the Reds on 31 August, Daniel Sturridge has been on and off the treatment table. And with Balotelli, Lambert and Borini not living up to the task, Brendan Rodgers definitely need his main striker back. So number 4 on wish list: ‘Dear Santa, give Sturridge some kind of magic pill so that I can have him back in my squad’.
6. More from Lallana and Coutinho: On their day, Adam Lalana and Coutinho are just two magical players. But just like the rest of Brendan Rodgers’ pack, they have been a little quiet this season. So Rodgers number 6th wish should be:’ Get Lallana and Coutunho what they need to get their stuff in order’
7. A brighter January transfer windows: After selling Luis Suarez to Barcelona for £75 million, Liverpool reinforced their squad at almost every position. But despite the arrival of players like Alberto Moreno, Adam Lallana and Mario Balotelli, Brendan Rodgers has yet to see a return on his heavy investment. And with the team rapidly descending to the abyss, it’s quiet clear that January reinforcement is needed. So number 7 on Rodgers wish should definitely be that his January acquisition (if there will be any), are better than the ones from the previous transfer window.
8. Some bananas skins for the teams ahead: With Chelsea acting like they own the league, Manchester United winning despite having a weak defense and West Ham outclassing the BPL’s Champions League favorite, Liverpool’s chances of playing UEFA Champions League football next is getting thinner by the second. So number 8 on the Reds wish list: ‘A lot of banana’s skins on the way for the teams at the top of the table’.
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