The Big Teams’ Christmas Wishes: Barcelona

December 22, 2014 4:31 pm
With Christmas just a few days away, kids around the world are posting their letters full of wishes to Santa. But they are not the only ones. With half of the season complete for some, football clubs around the world are have also drawn up their lists of presents they want from Santa. Let’s have look at what Barcelona could ask the Man in Red and White, according to what their season has brought them so far.
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1. Make all problems go away: Barcelona have seen it all this year, and not on the football field. First, it was the transfer embargo, because of Neymar’s transfer. And then it was Messi’s tax problems. And last but not least, it was the threat of not being able to play in La Liga anymore. To sum it up, Barça has been making headlines for so many wrong reasons. So wish number 1: ‘Make them all go away. No more weird problems,’.
2. Please make Real Madrid stopReal have been so unbelievable lately that Barcelona is getting fed up of playing catch up. Barcelona are not followers, they are leaders. So Luis Enrique’s second wish will definitely be: Dear Santa por favor,  make Real Madrid stop’.
3. Give Luis Suarez his goalscoring shoes back: When Luis Suarez signed for Barcelona, everybody couldn’t wait to see him playing alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar. But  since his debut against Real Madrid in October, the Uruguayan has only scored 3 goals, and just one in La Liga. So number 3 on Enrique’s Christmas wish list should definitely be that Suarez start scoring a lot more.
4. Re-conquer Europe: Since they won they last won the UEFA Champions League in 2011, Barcelona have been enduring a case of ‘so near yet so far’. Usually losing at semi-final, the Catalonia side will definitely hoping that Santa can give them some kind of Magic spell to break their ‘Almost there’ curse.
5. Get Barça Next-Gen ready: Despite having one of the most talented starting 11 on the planet, Barcelona still possess a fantastic academy of future superstars that many clubs are trying to turn into a supermarket. But unlike Chelsea, the Catalonia side are not really in the business of selling most of their future talent. Instead of being used as cash cows, some of the youngsters get promoted to the senior team and get a game or two now and then. But are they ready to make a big impact when it matters? That an issue that Luis Enrique hopes Santa can resolve. So number 5 on the list:’ Get the kids some magic beans or something so that they will be ready in time to party with the big boys’.
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