Silent Hill Revelation: From video game to film

July 4, 2014 12:50 pm

Being an avid Silent Hill fan I was very excited when I heard that there was to be a sequel to the first epic film that hit our screens back in 2006. Six years later and Silent Hill Revelation was born.

As fans of the Silent Hill franchise, many of us are familiar with the dark and twisted world of Kanomi’s survival games. They have the ability to enthrall us, as well as drive cold hard fear into us, as we play our way through a tidal wave of pure malevolent madness. This, however, is what attracts the fans of the games to the movies.

11168300_800Silent Hill (2006) did the ps1 game great justice when it was released with only a few minor changes, main protagonist for a start, rose instead of Harry, but all the while was still a great watch and still held firm the trademark silent hill style.

Then in 2012 “Revelation” graced our screens and brought with it much deliberated anticipation and excitement. Silent Hill Revelation is a sequel to the first film and follows on after the events of the original storyline, however the film is based heavily on “Silent Hill 3, ps2 game, which is also a sequel to the first game.

So once again we are propelled into an alien universe of “freaky monsters”, uncomfortable paranoia and the very familiar feeling of “what the hell is going on now” notion. As we follow Heather (Sharon) years later after the original events, it becomes very clear early on in the film that she hasn’t got the slightest clue what is going on with herself or why she is dreaming of a place called “Silent Hill”, considering the ending from the last film, as far as we all knew, Sharon and Rose were still lost in Silent Hill and could not find a way out. In Revelation the answer to all of our questions are released.

Michael J Basset, director of Silent Hill, was very careful to keep it very close to the Silent Hill 3 game keeping in the very important places like “Lakeside Amusment Park” and “Brookahaven Sanitarium”. Then there is the cast. Playing the strong willed “Heather” was Adelaide Clemens, she was a perfect fit for the protagonsit and did Heather’s role much justice. Then it was Krystabella’s deranged and very unhinged sister, “Claudia Wolf”, who was the “enemy” in this film played by Carrie, Anne Moss (Matrix), again it was a good casting choice here as Carrie Anne seems to adapt to her character with such unnervingly familiarity. Then we have, of course, Kit Harrington who played the role of “Vincent Cooper”, this was one charecter that had been changed for the sake of Heather; Vincent became Heather’s boyfriend instead of a loony tune. Kit did very well and gave Vincent a whole new attitude and a whole new look. Lastly, we have Mr. Malcom McDowell who, to my surprise, played the derranged “Lenord Wolf”; watching him portray Lenoard so creepyily good made my imagination all the more wild and vivid.

silent-hill-revelationWith Revelation’s favorite monsters twisting and contorting into positions that no “mortal” could do overall Silent Hill Revelation was an enjoyable watch and did itself proud for keeping true to the game. However, there is one thing that I must pick on for Revelation and that is in fact the “poor dialogue” throughout the film. Some parts were tolerable; yet, others were painstakingly cringe worthy and laughable. Other than that “Revelation was a hit.”

Introducing us to the “other world” and scaring us with all the darkness that seeps out through the walls at night, Michael J Basset’s Silent Hill Revelation 2D and 3D was very interesting as well as enjoyable. (Just wish we saw more of Pymarid Head). So Silent Hill enthusiasts, be careful when the light goes out in your house, you never know… the darkness could be coming.

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