Rules for Coordinating Bags and Shoes

April 18, 2015 5:07 pm

According to The Guardian, actress Angelina Jolie chose to match the color of her lipstick to her purse at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Numerous Hollywood celebrities seem to follow this style, including Jameela Jamil (in a 2013 press launch), Rihanna (Chicago Bulls vs Brooklyn Nets Game, 2013) and Mariela Garriga (Vanity Fair party, 2014). What happened to the age old rule of matching the purse/handbag to the shoes? When we buy designer fake bags & fake purses, we get very conscious about our dress choices and other fashion rules.

handbagFirst of all, there is no such rule. Celebrities did that trick in the 90s, so that their designer accessories could also steal the show. Logically speaking, if you have one great handbag and you can wear it only with one pair of shoes, your money is just wasted. So, the next time your buy fake handbags from trusted sites like, you do not need to match them to your shoes to get a stylish look.

The Accessorizing and Color Guide

A very simple rule to accessorizing is that colors should blend and complement each other. A single item should not look odd. There is a difference between contrasting combinations and mismatched colors.

  1. Contrasting Textures: The best way to draw subtle attention to your outfit is by using contrasting textures. You will find many fake bags & fake purses in various textures and patterns. A simple outfit, such as grey trousers and a white blouse, can be perked up with a snake-skin clutch in a neutral shade. Make sure that the pattern/texture is fairly bold. This is a trick you can use for after work parties. Keep a standby textured/patterned clutch in your car, and quickly swap it with your office bag before you enter the bar.
  1. The Rule about Colors: While mixing colors does seem to be a good fashion trend, it can also go horribly wrong. Yellow boots, a blue bag, red top and pink pants ā€“ a messy combination. The key is to keep at least one color neutral. Here is a great example ā€“ pair grey stockings and boots with a nice colorful patterned dress top. This top could have various hues, such as blue, green, indigo and pink. A teal jacket will go well with such a color palette. While choosing a bag, pick one in a shade darker than the teal jacket. You can do the same with any other hue for the top. Use a stiffer and dressier fake handbag for a chic and expensive looking formal ensemble. For a more casual look, pick a slouchy bag and flip flops or even gladiator sandals.
  1. The Look: Whether you wear a soft flowing dress or jeans and tee for a casual affair; your handbag should compliment not only the color but also the style. A stiff purse will not go with a casual fluidic dress, and a beaded clutch will look tasteless with your t-shirt and jeans. Choose nice hobo-style fake bags & fake purses instead. This will go with most causal looks. While choosing colors, pick pastel shades for your bags and shoes.
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