Pompeii (2014)

June 18, 2014 9:00 am

movie-pompeii-2014-poster-2It’s 79 AD and the people of Pompeii watch on as they see fight after fight from slave-iator Milo (Kit Harington, of  ‘Game of Thrones’) as he entertains the masses in a brawl of over-the-top gladiator violence. As if Milo’s day can’t get any worse; Mount Vesuvius erupts bringing down a flow of (occasionally lethargic) hot lava between him, Pompeii and the equally hot Cassia (played by Emily Browning).

Add that drama in with the fact that you have a frock clad Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) as the main villain of the piece as the Roman Senator betrothed to Cassia, and you have got yourself a reasonably good popcorn movie. Harington puts in a good performance as Milo during the films various action sequences and seeing Sutherland wielding a sword instead of a gun for a change made for a film that you would watch once, making a ‘Meh’ sound at the end, but not buy the DVD. Much like a volcano really this film, looks pretty, turns out to be scary (in parts) and once it’s over you probably wouldn’t go there again.

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