Playing It Safe: The Prevention Of Problematic Gambling

May 22, 2017 12:30 pm

Think back to a couple of decades ago and the gambling industry was a different entity to what it is today. There was an element of seediness behind it, and gambling was often seen as an activity only for two distinct types of people: the wealthy, and the desperate.

These days, however, the industry has changed dramatically. Gambling has been normalised, and almost everywhere you look there are adverts and special offers trying to entice new punters to make a bet. It’s billed as a fun and friendly activity, now. But the reality is that although the image has changed, there are still the inherent problems, despite industry rules ensuring all companies promote responsible gambling.

So, while gambling can be a fun activity, and it’s absolutely fine to have the occasional flutter, it’s important to play it safe. And it’s also necessary to be able to work out if you have a problem – which we’re going to look at right now.

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Set sensible limits

The number one rule of gambling is to ensure you have strict limits on your spending. Setting aside a small amount of money every month is fine, as long as you can afford to lose it. You should also separate your winnings, and never use them to bet more than your limits. Doing this will encourage you to spend more, and is often where problems start to arise. You get a big win, think you can afford to go bigger, and end up trying to claw it all back when you lose.

Play for fun

It is possible to make a living as a professional gambler. But it takes years to build up the experience needed to beat the house, and your best bet is to see gambling as a little bit of fun. If you win, great, but if you lose, you shouldn’t feel upset. If you do start to put all our hopes into your betting, it’s a sure sign you are developing serious problems.

Do your research

Knowledge alone won’t help you turn into a gambling superstar – there are never any guarantees of winning, no matter how much you know about a certain sport or slot machine. But knowledge can help you play better and safer. Whether it’s reading a Foxy Casino review and getting a solid understanding of a particular online casino, or increasing your knowledge in a particular game, it can help you make better, more sensible decisions. Ultimately, the more you know about how things worse, the less your risk will be.

Balance gambling with other hobbies

Never let gambling be your only hobby or form of entertainment. The odd flutter here and there is not unhealthy, but if it’s the only thing you enjoy doing, it will end up being problematic. Too much focus on any one thing in life often leads to obsession, and being obsessed with gambling activities is just about the most dangerous thing you can do. A common theme amongst gambling addicts is that they often let it take over their life – don’t let this happen to you and always have other things in life that you enjoy.

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