Max Verstappen Crowned Youngest F1 Driver Ever

August 19, 2014 5:58 pm

You may remember Jos Verstappen, a Formula One driver known best for his starts and excellent driving abilities in rainy conditions. Like father like son, F1 has welcomed Max Verstappen into the Formula 1 betting odds at the tender age of just 16. He has been signed by Red Bull’s Scuderia Toro Rosso with interest from Mercedes as well. 

Jos & Max verstappen

Max Verstappen with former F1 racer father Jos Verstappen

It seems as if Max has already won his first victory in the F1 world by being crowned the youngest Formula One driver in history. As a former world cup karting champion, Max already knows what it like to step into the limelight and doubtless, being the son of Jos Verstappen has also helped him acclimatise to the attention. He will take the place of Jean-Eric Vergne on the Toro Rosso team and is expected to do great things for them, hopefully following the likes of Sebastian Vettel.

One of the aspects of Max Verstappen that has been grabbing most people’s attention in the media is that, ironically, he hasn’t actually passed his driving test yet. At just 16, the chance to be legally allowed to drive on the road hasn’t come his way but that is expected to change as soon as he hits 17 this coming September.

Formula one F1

King of karting, Max Verstappen, onto motorsports’ most competitive league, Formula One, at the tender age of just 16.

There has been some criticism from fans of the F1 sport who claim that it is easier for sons of previous Formula One drivers to enter the sport than it is for someone with no connections at all. They stipulate that this practise can get in the way of surfacing talent from elsewhere and that they rarely go far in the sport anyway. However, Max will be looking to prove this theory wrong and with his impressively successful career so far, we think he might just succeed!

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