Luxury TV’s Everyone Will Want in 2014

January 29, 2014 4:09 pm

Those looking to buy a new TV in 2014 have a massive range of different options meaning choosing between all of them can be a bit of a pain in the derriere.  However, we’re going to attempt to narrow it down by looking at what we think are the best plasma and LED TVs available on the market today:

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Sony Bravia W85

Like Lenovo in the laptop market, Sony’s Bravia range has earned a relentless reputation for providing high quality products over the years and the W85 is in keeping with this, offering up a 65inch display and a suitably monstrous 1920x1080p resolution.  It comes complete with a host of useful features such as the X-reality PRO engine (which is ideal for improving graphics) Active 3D and Motionflow.  It also has oodles of connectivity including three USB slots, Wi-Fi and full access to Sony’s own Entertainment Network.  What’s more, there is a companion app.  If you’re a tech head, then look no further than you’d look to watch local channels without cable.

The Samsung UE46F8000

Short of making tea and cleaning the car, this TV carries just about every major feature you could possible think of.  All of the main streaming apps are accounted for, as is the company’s own ‘Smart’ platform.  There’s facial recognition and voice controls plus there’s even a quad core processor under the hood. As you’d expect from Samsung, the visuals are suitably top-notch.  Whether you’re a gamer looking for the ideal platform on which on which to view that Fifa pitch, or you’re simply looking to get as in-depth as possible with the latest season of Boardwalk Empire, this TV might well be the most versatile unit on the market today.  The price? £1,899 to you guv, though if you shop around you might find it for less. However, don’t buy cheap at the expense of warrantees as these could save your bacon should anything go wrong!

The Philips Elevation Smart TV

The Elevation always promised to take things up a notch and it more or less delivered.  There’s obviously the stunning 60-inch display, which combined with the minute 13.5mm thickness gives the whole unit the feel of a projection screen rather than an actual TV. Needless to say, the Elevation also has a ton of useful features.  It uses the patented Ambilight 4-sided XL technology (94 powerful LEDs are used as part of this) to extend the colours beyond the reach of the set itself and offers full 1080p playback as standard.  At a little over 2k, you’re looking at a seriously luxurious item. If you’ve got the cash, though, the Elevation could be just what you’re looking for.

The Phillips UHD 9000

We might be sort of cheating by including two Phillips models in this list but the UHD is too good to not make an appearance.  With a seriously top-notch display of 3840×2160 pixels and boasting a backlit LED display, the visuals on offer are little short of astounding.  Needless to say both models – the 65 inch and 84 inch – fully support Phillips’ Smart TV service and both are fully 3D. The price is seriously high level, though – from 4k or so, and that’s if you shop around.  Those working on a budget need not apply.

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