Freedom is just an illusion.

September 27, 2014 7:03 pm

You think you are free? Yeah? I mean why wouldn’t you? You can drive your car anywhere you want, you can say whatever and seemingly do whatever. Well it may come as a shock when I inform you that you really aren’t. The invisible boundaries and rules exist in society. We don’t notice them because they’ve been enforced for such a long time that they are part of the foundation of modern civilisation.

Let me give you an example of one, democracy. By now if you think this is really works- well you really need to open your eyes. I’ll break it down for you. A political party wants to be in control. They create policies like; “We will make all education free” or “we will pull all our soldiers out of this pointless war in Iraq”. Blah, blah, blah. But when they finally reach power, something happens. All their policies, policies that YOU voted for. Well they just seem to disappear. Vanish. Have you ever asked why? Well, that is because the rich corporate entities that fund the campaigns, and the parties don’t like that you want to pull all the soldiers out of Iraq, or free education. Because they will lose money. So they tell this party. No. If you do this, we’ll not fund you- we’ll leave. We will take our business elsewhere. Which means it’ll effect the economy. And when you strip everything back it’s all about money. So these policies just get dropped. But surely you must realise this. Nope, because the government control BBC, ITV, SKY NEWS and all the media corporations- and as we’ve established the government are these big companies. So they have the ability to manipulate you into agreeing with them. But just to make you one hundred percent sure that they are right, they always mention God- and nobody argues with the word of God. What did Bush say before America went to Iraq? “I am a solider of Jesus”.

free will

Because you’ve been conditioned over years, even if you are an atheist- to blindly accept the word of God and dismiss whatever is said as good. But it’s not just religion forced into society. Racism. Now that lives. Yes it’s seen as wrong now, but it still subconsciously exists. In the media. Muslims. You automatically picture a Muslim as a middle-eastern man. They can never be white? A black person- even though they have fought for this to go away. Are always depicted as a minority. A TV show, five white guys and one black guy. Even the anti-racists are in some sense racist. As all they think of is racism- they end up feeling sorry for a certain group of people. Why is that bad? Because we aren’t a group of people! We are individuals. But when a society is grouped as one collective and not as individuals it always justifies crime. Due to a false pride that is subconsciously build. You are British- so the Government don’t say “we the government are going to Iraq to fight”. They say “the great British army is flying to Iraq to civilise the people”. What the hell is civilise? Terrorise you mean. You see anybody in-charge loves to prove they are in charge by defeating anyone smaller than them. America would never fight Saudi Arabia for oil- but Iraq. No. They need to be “civilised” they be-head people- wait don’t Saudi Ar- No! They are nice.

Anyway getting back to my point. In the world we are always being polluted with shit- so how can you be free when you are blinded by the people that want to control you? Answer is, you aren’t. You see everything in this world is lies, deception, and violence. Religion was the basis of this- and it developed on and on. So the foundations of the whole world are built of shit. And no matter how much the powers that be try and paint over the shit and polish it- it’ll always be made of shit. Human-beings don’t learn. This was happening thousands of years ago- it’s a circle.

We need to stop believing we are free and actually be free. This world needs to evolve. Or it will die.

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