Energy Efficient Gas Equipment Company

December 22, 2014 1:22 pm

Homeowners and businesses choose gas equipment for several reasons, including lower utility bills, environmental concerns, and energy savings. Additionally, there are tax credits available for purchasing energy efficient gas heaters and appliances for homes or commercial properties. There are several factors to consider when purchasing equipment and a knowledgeable gas equipment company can offer advice that is specific to your situation.


Buying Energy Efficient Heaters and Appliances

Gas heaters, home appliances, and commercial appliances offer several advantages, compared with electric appliances and heating systems. The cost of running your appliances represents a significant portion of your monthly utility bills and an opportunity for savings. Switching to energy efficient appliances and heaters can reduce your energy bills and environmental impact. You can find high quality energy efficient gas equipment from Jager Gas.

Look for the Energy Guide Label

An Energy Guide Label is present on all residential and commercial appliances sold in the United States. This label contains information about the equipment, which can be used to compare the operating cost and annual consumption of energy of various products. The Energy Guide Label is intended to help consumers compare equipment and make informed decisions when purchasing residential or commercial appliances.

Buy Heaters and Appliances in the Correct Size

When purchasing heaters, choosing the right size and capacity is essential for efficiency and performance. If the heater or appliances are the wrong size, energy efficiency can be affected. In this case, bigger not better because when appliances are too big, it will lower the performance and cause the appliance or heater to use more energy.  Running products that are not the correct size is more expensive and increases your energy bills.

Energy Star Rating

Energy Star is a rating system that provides information about the efficiency of appliances and heating equipment. Energy Star rated equipment offers the best energy efficiency in its category. Appliances with this rating surpass the government’s minimum requirements for energy efficiency. In addition, you can take advantage of rebates on Energy Star equipment to save even more money.

Contact an Experienced Contractor for Help

Choose an experienced gas equipment company for knowledgeable advice and the best service. An experienced contractor can recommend the right type and size of heaters or appliances for your specific requirements and provide the information you need to make the best decision for your home or business.

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