Don’t Get Hit By A Wave Surfing The Web

March 10, 2017 4:30 pm

You might not realise this but going online can be quite dangerous. We can give you an example of this. When you search online, you probably have a specific website that you want to access. Or, if you are searching, you’ll be looking for a product or service. Unfortunately, pop-ups can lead you down a completely different path. They can cause you to end up on dangerous sections of the web where viruses lurk, and that’s just one of the dangers.

Trojan Software

Trojan software often lies dormant in what might seem like a basic virus that has infected your PC. Usually, something that you see a virus do is just the beginning. So, for instance, a virus might alter your search engine. But underneath the surface, it might also be copying and stealing important files. If you have any sensitive data on your computer, this can be very dangerous.

Illegal Sites

It is quite easy to stumble onto an illegal site online, particularly if you’ve followed a popup. Unfortunately, there have been cases where individuals have been charged with a crime of viewing an illegal site through an action like this. That’s why you always need to be careful where you click when searching online.

Unsecured Transactions

If you are transferring money online or completely any transaction like this make sure that you are using a secure resource. This will depend on the business you are using. For instance, some loan sites are brilliant at protecting their customers, while others are not. You can find out if a site you use is trustworthy by checking out the infographic below.

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