December 2, 2013 12:21 pm

Senate says: «yes!» the former italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has to pack his bags and leave the Parliament.

Many cannot understand, though, the need of vote in order to stop a person convicted of fraud from representing his Country. It should have been immediate, don’t you think? If a person is a criminal, then s/he should not be allowed to sit in Parliament. This is commonly known as ‘Baby Logic’; However, as one can easily notice: not everything is always as evident as it may seem.

Berlusconi The road to this vote has been long and suffered, beginning with the moral struggles to decide whether politicians should vote secretly or not – one could always argue: What do have to hide? but considering the people involved, it is just a rhetoric question. On the 31st of October it was announced the vote regarding Berlusconi’s seat in Senate were to be open and public – Guess the Halloween spirit influenced the whole: ‘get the skeletons out of one’s closet’ policy.

Berlusconi’s Party of Freedoms – in whichever sense you mean it – showed its opposition threatening consequences would have followed that decision. The leader Renato Schifani addressed national news Tg1 with these very words: «A severe bend of the Parliamentary rules was committed against Berlusconi».

I might add: «What about the severe bend of the rules Berlusconi committed towards his Nation? What about his tax fraud against the same State he impersonated? What about the wrongs committed against the people? What about the people?». In my opinion the whole situation is absurd, scandalous, outlaw and illogic by many points of view.

It’s been a 4 months-long journey but in the end justice was made – less than more. After having controlled the State politics and economics for over 20 years, the 27th of November it was declared the decay of Berlusconi’s seat in Senate. A true decay for him and for the italians as well, considering the situations they are left in; in fact, as some one says:  after having touched the bottom one starts digging deeper and deeper.

In conclusion, I might regard this situation as the beginning, not the end of Berlusconi’s status. In fact, along with his position in Parliament he lost his immunity. This means the Magistrates are finally able to convict him for every wrong he made, past and present. as the old saying recites: the best is yet to come.


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