Your Smartphone Can Cause As Much Trouble As it Solves

July 24, 2018 11:23 am

As technology and the relationships between human beings and such advances grows, new crimes in inevitably going to be created. Almost every single person can admit that privacy is such a sensitive subject that they are not willing to support laws that erode the concept any further. In the modern age, there are ways that criminals and even just ordinary folk can break the law knowingly and unknowingly. Smartphones have become a part of our lives, nearly an extension of our physical bodies almost. We do everything with them, which means they can be a tool to help us in certain situations and get us into trouble also. Just because we can film our daily lives and upload them to online video sharing websites, doesn’t mean we can film everything and everyone around us. We have to be careful as we could so easily encroach on a total stranger’s privacy. On the other hand, if we whip out our pocket computers at the right time they could end up saving our necks. It’s all a question of what kind of situation we’re involved in when we have our smartphones with us.

An escalated misunderstanding

Going shopping isn’t just easier now, it’s more fun. There is software on our phones that help us identify products that we want or are just curious about. Simply point your camera at a product, and certain software like Samsung’s Bixby Vison and the product will be scanned in a matter of seconds. It then shows you what it is, compare prices from other grocery shops selling the same item and online shopping results also. The process starts by pointing your camera at a product on the shelves. If you have a shopping cart in one hand, and your slim modern smartphone in the other and you’re trying to bend down a little to scan a product, the phone could fall out of your hand.

If it were to fall and perhaps you were trying to grab it, you could accidentally record or take a picture due to your fingers being on the screen. If a woman wearing a skirt was shopping beside you and saw you picking up your phone close to her, she might suspect you of recording or filming her. You can begin trying to explain to her what was going on but she may not have any of it and refuse to believe your story. Looking back at the store’s CCTV, it might be hard to prove you’re right unless you were seen scanning other products when that person was nowhere near you. A bit of a legal soup but this is just one of the ways someone can get into trouble in the blink of an eye, thanks to modern smartphones.

Downloading files

Unlike real desktop computers, smartphones don’t have such a robust antivirus or malware protection capability. Over the recent years, there have been companies making protective software for smartphones but it’s not clearly known how effective they really are. The trouble is, smartphones can still use desktop websites and they regularly pop up in search results for smartphone apps. Downloading software, an app or simply a wallpaper from the desktop websites can cause you to be put in harm’s way. A desktop computer may catch the file that is trying to download onto your hard drive. For a smartphone, there’s no telling what could happen if this virus latches onto your phone. You may not even know what it’s there. Who knows what kind of horrible things might be on it.

These viruses could be involving Indecent Images that could result in being charged for breaking such laws. If you know it’s not your fault and by no means did you ever download these images on purpose, the legal team you hire will be able to prove that for you. Police forces have a job to do and you could be someone innocent could be potentially prosecuted wrongfully by them. If the images were on a database, at any time in the future the smartphone that downloaded them whether on purpose or not, can be found and tracked. You just don’t want to be treated like a criminal for not doing something you’re being labeled for because your smartphone couldn’t protect you.

Source John Barad

A friend indeed

Smartphones are not a liability more so than they are here to help us when we need them. Say for example you’re in a car crash, you can take your own evidence rather than rely on the police. If a speeding car has hit you when you have right of way, the skidmarks of the other driver trying to avoid you will be a telling tale. No doubt it will be long and dark with fresh rubber laid down by the guilty party. A smartphone can take HD pictures and VHD also of the scene. You may even use a voice recorder or video and audio apps to record the other party admitting it’s their fault.

Going on nights out is something we all do. Wherever there are drinks and an over-excess of people who cannot control their emotions, there are fights. A smartphone can help prove who your attackers are as video footage can be studied by police. If you’ve done nothing wrong and you’re suffering an assault, quickly pressing or swiping record will save you from being called the aggressor should you need to fight back to protect your own life? Especially useful in a court of law, such video footage cannot be altered or spliced to be in the other party’s favor as it just is.

Some of the shopping apps make you do silly things in order to get them to work. Sometimes you need to put your camera just in the right place and other times they work fine. It’s awkward, to say the least if you are seen to be taking photos of or recording somebody despite just trying to aim your phone the right way. Viruses are a constant headache for smartphone manufacturers, and who knows what kind of harmful content could be in them. A smartphone has every capacity to be your friend when you’re in need. Collect your own evidence when someone has committed a crime against you.

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