Your Dream Car Doesn’t Have To Be A Pipedream Any Longer!

February 21, 2017 5:01 pm


We all been there, laying in bed at night thinking what it would be like to drive a Bugatti Veyron. Instead, most of us have to put up with a second hand model because that’s all we can afford. It isn’t nice to drive around a clapped out, old banger when there are bigger and better cars out there, and I can tell you that from experience. What I can also tell you, however, is that we don’t just have to dream to spend time with our number one car. In fact we can have it parked in our driveway with the help of these tips.



Be Realistic


The first thing that I should mention is that a healthy dose of realism is important. I know society teaches us we can have anything we want but it isn’t always true. Some things are just too far out of reach, and I think it is important to understand that before reading the rest of the list. See, if we try and save up for a Bugatti we are just going to end up disappointed, such is the price. If we save up for a cheaper model we can realise the dream a lot quicker and get more fulfilment. I would never try and dampen any car lover’s dream so the choice is yours, but it is a good piece of advice.


Start Saving


Okay, so it isn’t what you expected to hear when you started reading this post. I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem creative enough but it is still one of the best methods to save for a car. I have done it on numerous occasions and it has saved me a lot of hassle and given me everything I have wanted. Of course there is a lot of dedication that goes into saving money which is why some people don’t like this method. Still the reward is well worth it when you get to drive that brand new car back to your house. It gives me shivers just thinking about it!



Look For Finance


Finance is a relatively new phenomenon. I can say that I never had this opportunity when I first started buying cars which is why I try to take advantage now. The way I see it, car finance is an affordable method for people to buy or lease cars they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Sure, there are loopholes and pitfalls that everyone has to be wary of but that doesn’t mean it is the devil. It just means the average person needs to find the best car finance deals on the market before making a decision. I find this is a particularly good method if I don’t have the cash upfront.




Who said that we have to buy every car we drive? Whoever said it was smoking something because buying isn’t always the cheapest or most affordable option. Leasing, for me, is just as effective if I find the right lease. It certainly allows me to drive cars that I wouldn’t have been able to drive in a hundred years. People that are aware of the negatives beforehand find leasing a car most agreeable.


Now the truth is out it is time to find the perfect car.

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