Winter Worries

November 15, 2012 8:00 pm

As Christmas is fast approaching and the days are getting colder, I find myself filled with anxiety over the winter fashion. Covering up in unflattering thick layers and the dreaded hat hair, however, this year I have decided to embrace winter and the fashions it carries with it thick black tights, warm woolly jumpers and the sparkly Christmas party dress.
I would say my favourite winter item is the jumper, whilst keeping you snugly and warm it can also hide a multitude of sins including that extra mince pie you shouldn’t have had. The novelty Christmas jumper seems to be a firm fashion favourite moving on from the days of Bridget Jones diary where it was an embarrassing item picked out by your mother. Everyone seems to be embracing the childlike feeling of have a bright woolly jumper with a snowman on the front; which looks perfect on its own paired with a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of shorts and winter boots.

Also fur can make any outfit look classy and vintage with many stores and online selling fur stoles which can luxe to any old winter coat giving it a bit more glamour and making it look brand new.
Another firm fashion favourite of winter is the excuse to wear sparkle, glitter and lots of it. You don’t just need a Christmas party as an excuse why not buy some vintage style sparkling gem earrings and pair it with your day outfit to give it a bit of sparkle. I can also buy the glitteriest tackiest dress and wear it to a Christmas party, no need for an excuse to dress up like Pat Butcher besides that it Christmas and I secretly love glitter and wish I could wear it all year round. Just because its winter doesn’t mean you have to wear dull colours and all black, why not add a pop of colour into your outfit with bright accessories, oxblood seems to be a fashion favourite this winter as a gorgeous dark red that gives a gothic, sophisticated vibe to an outfit. Or why not try painting your nails for a more subtle approach to the Christmas season.
Winter is also an excuse to splash out of luxurious moisturisers (or have them on your wish list) to keep your skin from getting dry and cracked from the cold winds and dehydrating heating. Also finally we can pack away that fake tan, which takes too long to apply, goes streaky and looks faded after a couple of days, and embrace your natural paleness and rosy cheeks. So why not embrace winter, it helps me to remember why I loved Christmas so much when I was younger- all the lights and putting up those decorations. I think it’s time to celebrate the British weather and cold winter months rather than daydreaming about next summer and when you can next put on your summer dress and flip-flops.

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