Winter Wonders for your skin

March 4, 2013 6:50 pm

skin careNobody likes getting beauty advice from an amateur. I’ve watched many YouTube videos where people don’t know what they’re doing. To clarify, I’ve been experimenting with makeup and skincare since I was seventeen. I suffered with awful skin and tried many medications to help it until I finally discovered the controversial Roaccutane. I was asked to participate in the BBC3 programme ‘Dying for Clear Skin’ to talk about my experience on this drug, but declined as it was so controversial and I didn’t feel ready. It worked wonders for me, but unfortunately can have devastating effects for many.  Always consult your dermatologist before making any decision. I spent all my money in Boots and Superdrug looking for the next big thing that could make me feel ‘pretty’ again. I tried countless primers, foundations and moisturisers. I came out in rashes and more spots, wore totally the wrong colour foundation and ultimately learned more about my skin. Now I’m 22 I have learnt a lot about makeup and actually have my own makeup/fashion blog and *soon to be coming* Youtube Channel. Please trust my advice but feel free to comment on what I say.

We all know it’s nearer Spring than Winter, yet there is still sporadic snow, icy winds and buckets of rain being thrown down on us. I’ve come up with a few beauty must haves to save your skin in this moisture-sapping climate. First of all, makeup will look awful on dry, flaky skin. I suggest investing in a great facial exfoliant (not just any old scrub; body scrubs are far too harsh for the face and can damage the gentle epidermis). I recommend St Ives face scrubs as they have really fine micro-beads and don’t over-dry the skin like many brands can do. Stay away from scrubs designed for blemished skin as they often contain salicylic acid and can over-dry the skin.

Are you peachy smooth? After you’re thoroughly exfoliated, it’s time to apply a rich moisturiser. I’m using Botanics Radiant Youth at the moment as its lovely and creamy with an SPF to protect (yes even in winter!), but any thick moisturiser will suffice. I often switch mine up as I get bored very easily and there’s always a new one I haven’t tried! Try also applying a moisturiser mask at night; this is the time when the skin regenerates and the pores open up, hence why many skin treatments are made to be left on overnight.

All moisturised? Time to move on to primer. Primers are amazing because they keep your skin smooth and help makeup stay on much loreal primerlonger. I’ve tried tons in my quest for perfection, including SmashBox, Estee Lauder and Mac…I could go on all day. I always go back to L’Oreal Studio Secrets, which is a teeny pot of pink cream that smooths skin and fills in pores perfectly. It also helps even out any winter hyperpigmentation and redness, and works well on its own if you want to skip the concealer/foundation step.

Winter also wreaks havoc on your hair. Mine gets incredibly dry ends as its whipped round in the hurricane-like weather. A great hair mask or conditioning treatment are your best bets to get rid of this frizzy mess. I like to wash my hair and then apply conditioner to the ends. I leave it on for an hour or two, as I read a magazine or watch TV, and then wash it out afterwards. It really gives it time to sink into the hair and smooth it out. I suggest Aussie Conditioner for long hair but most conditioners will work well if left on for long enough.

Finally, winter is a dull time of year so I like to spice things up by using a bright nail varnish. Barry M have a massive collection. Remember to exfoliate and moisturise your body too, including your hands, and maybe add a touch of moisturising tan such as Dove or Garnier; you’ll feel ready for spring in no time.

Check out my new blog for more beauty and fashion tips.

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