Windows Suffers From Lack of Apps on their SmartPhones

March 11, 2014 4:16 pm

The new Windows platform has finally managed to catch up with its rivals over at Android and Apple with releases such as the 4GEE Nokia Lumia 1320 phone and the slightly more advanced Lumia 1520. The Windows platform itself is clean, smart and easy to use whilst being a little bit different from all the other products available on the market due to its slick Windows 8 appearance.

However, there is one flaw which has divided critics entirely, spurring them to complain bitterly or defend stubbornly the issue of Windows’ lack of apps. Everyone wants to be in on the popular and trending apps, whether it is Instagram, Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Limitations on what you are allowed to have on your phone, simply because it is a different make and brand isn’t good enough to satisfy people who, in the modern world, are used to having whatever technology they want at their fingertips.

nokia lumia 1320

That is not to say that Windows is completely void of good apps. Whenever they get a sniff of a popular app from the Android/iPhone market, the app usually sky rockets to the top of the most popular chart on the app store. Take, for example, the Facebook messenger app. Despite an integrated Facebook messaging service on the Windows phones, this app quickly ascended to the top of the chart when it was released showing that Windows users are hungry for the kind of apps that the rest of the mobile market are getting. There isn’t anything particularly special about this app apart from being easier to use when chatting to your Facebook friends than the alternative Facebook browser. There are also popular games being released such as GoGo Mario and Top Gear’s Race The Stig which have both proven to be instant hits amongst the windows community.

Whilst it is great to see Windows finally play catch up, there is still a lot of work to be done and general consensus amongst Windows users is that this work should be concentrated within their app market ensuring that future Windows platforms give a wider and more wholesome choice of applications.


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