Why The Blogging World Is Only Just Getting Started

January 25, 2019 3:55 pm

Blogging isn’t new, but it’s still a baby. The whole idea of having a blog, creating content, sharing thoughts, hiring the local seo services & packages to promote the page, and information and stories on the internet is exciting. And yet some will say that it’s dying.  That blogging isn’t going to last. That having something to say online just isn’t worth investing in. That starting a company and creating a blog just isn’t the way forward. Because who has the time to read a blog anyway? Well, most people – actually. That’s why smartphones are so popular. If you can share an interesting thought or something helpful that people can learn from, you’re golden. And the way in which we blog and consume blogs is changing. But it’s not dying. Here’s why.

We’re A Culture Of Consumers

That’s right, we’re a nation of consumers. We consume media on a daily basis. For hours and hours a day. It’s the first thing we do when we wake up and the last thing we do when we go to sleep. And THIS is why blogs, or some form of it, will always need to be around.

There’s So Much To Say

But also, there’s just so much to talk about. New problems and ideas and topics and thoughts and solutions arise every day. And talking about that or raising awareness or showcasing options are what blogs or media outlets can offer. So unless the world runs out of things to talk about or read about, there’s always going to be a need to put content out into the world.


Readers Need You

But also, readers are in need of you. Of the information you have. And so, you’re going to want to give it to them. No matter where your expertise or knowledge base lies. Create that content. And then get SEO specialists and Adwords experts and PRs and affiliate marketers and whoever else to publicize it. Get your content out and get it seen. Readers need to be entertained, instructed, informed, guided. And blogs offer just that.

There’s So Much Value To Give

Online media can add SO much value. It’s instant. You can share something in minutes. Hours. Days. However long it takes. So if there are questions that come online or a topic that trends, more ideas and content can be shared and YOU can add your own individual take and value to it.

There’s More To Come

But the most important question of all here, is – what’s to come? Where is this going? What might the idea of writing a ‘web log’ look like in ten or twenty years time? Or are we losing the idea of it being a blog at all and completely moving over to the concept of a media site or an online magazine? No matter ‘what’ a modern day blog looks like, it’ll be there. It’ll be read. Or watched. Or heard. It’s just evolving. From the wireless to the newspaper to the podcast, consumers crave stories and information and guidance. So long as they do, the creators will continue to give it to them in every format required. So, will you be one of them?

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