Why Phone Companies Should Switch To Satellite

June 25, 2018 5:44 pm

Anyone looking at a picture of a satellite phone would think they’d stepped back to the early 90s. The bulky appearance and big antennae don’t exactly compete with the sleek iPhone, do they? As such, you’d assume phone companies would turn away from this option in a heartbeat.

But, that’s far from the reality. In fact, last week we saw the launch of Bivystick. This small device can turn any mobile into a satellite device. Hailed as a life-changer for many hikers, this is just one in a long line of hints that satellite will soon be big. In fact, many would argue we’re in a bit of a satellite soar, with sales of phones like these already rising and set to go further.

As such, phone companies could do with sitting up and taking notice of the trend. It would certainly be worth their while. If you want to know why, read on to find out about the three main benefits.

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Higher upfront profits

Admittedly, cell phones pull in a fair amount of profit themselves. But, satellite phones stand to earn even more from the off. The average handset markets between £400-£900. You’d be hard pushed to pay that much for a standard mobile. So, this is a fantastic way for phone companies to earn higher profits from the early stages. What’s more, bill payments are then made on top of that. With our mobiles, we tend to pay for our handsets and usage all in one neat package. But, satellite phones haven’t yet fallen into contract territory. As such, companies stand to see more for their money this way, especially if they work with companies like SATbill, who can simplify billing processes to save time and maximize profits. So, from a business perspective, stepping into satellite makes a lot of sense.

Appealing to a niche

This is also an incredibly niche field as it stands. While there’s an endless number of cell providers, fewer companies now make use of satellite. What’s more, there’s already an audience desperate for this service. Hikers and those who spend a lot of time out of signal range have been calling for satellite for years. And, with the invention of the Bivystick, you can bet more and more people will become aware of the benefits. Any company jumping on this bandwagon now can ensure they reach that niche first. And, being one of the first on the scene is always a benefit.

Wide-Scale service potential

It’s also worth noting that satellite capabilities have a much broader reach. For the most part, cell providers can only operate in set countries. Even those who’ve made it overseas are limited to the 10% of the world which gets a regular signal. That’s a whole load of unexplored territory. By comparison, satellite phones can reach a massive 100% of the landmass, be it forest or water. Given that range is often the most important thing in business, that seems like a benefit worth making the most of.

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