Why I Don’t like Homework

February 3, 2018 6:05 pm

I really take a stand for no homework. Homework is such a pain to everybody! It gets in the way of after-school activities, wastes time, and stresses everyone out. I know that the teachers assign us homework for a good cause, but we have already been in school long enough that day! I really do think that there are some really good things that will happen if there is no homework.

First, after-school work gets in the way of after-school activities. There are so many things to do after school, whether it is swimming, baseball, basketball, or soccer. In some cases, kids are already involved with school programs such as band, drama, cheer-leading, etc. When we get home, there is a limited amount of time to cram in all of our homework. Most people stay up to as late as twelve o’ clock doing homework!

Second, homework wastes time. Even though the teachers want us to practice our skill with the lesson that we learned that day, it’s not like we are going to forget the whole lesson! Kids have other things to fit in their day too, not just homework. I just think that since we have already been at school for seven hours, why do teachers load us down with another two or three hours of homework? If the school could just back down on the homework, we would actually have time to do something other than math, writing, and social studies.

Finally, homework stresses everyone out. What I mean by this is that homework is so dreadful, and when kids don’t look forward to homework, it stresses them out, and the parents out. “Not doing your homework is out of the question,” most teachers will say. Kids sometimes stay up trying to finish the last little bit of homework, and they are so tired and droopy-eyed. Sometimes, we get so tired at night, we have to wake up early and finish the last of our homework in the morning!

Here are the three points that I wanted to observe mostly. Homework interferes with after-school activities, wastes time, and causes a lot of stress. Teachers really need to let go of homework, and everyone will be happy. Did you know that the average amount of homework that students get per week has almost doubled since 1981? That’s a lot of homework. I just wish that the teachers of Nova would consider dropping homework.

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