Why Health And Safety Needs To Be Of #1 Priority In Your Business

August 15, 2019 4:37 pm


Forget about your business profits for a moment. Take time away from your ever-expanding to-do list. While these things are important to you, they should never distract you from the health and safety needs of your employees.

You see, if you are in any way negligent in this area, then you won’t make a profit anyway. With injured and sick staff, you won’t have anybody around to serve the needs of your business. And your to-do list will radically alter, as it will probably comprise of court dates and hospital visits to your employees. 

It makes perfect business sense to focus on health and safety. Other than the issues we have just touched upon, there are other reasons to make this your priority.

#1: It’s the law!

Following health and safety protocols isn’t only your moral duty as an employer; it’s the law! You need to find out about health and safety legislation relevant to your industry, and follow it to the letter. Generally speaking, these will necessitate the need for risk-assessments and employee training, but there might also be specifics with regards to your business that can be discovered in the previously linked article. 

And if you are found to be breaking the law? Well, not only will you face a fine, but if a fatality occurs on your premises, you might also face imprisonment. Your reputation will take a nosedive too because you might find yourself on the public register of prosecutions. Are you prepared to take the risk? You shouldn’t, as you will fast-track your business towards failure, and you might ruin your life if you don’t take health and safety seriously.

#2: You will improve employee morale

Would you be happy entering a workplace where you feared for your life? We think not, and neither would your employees. You see, not only is there a chance of them becoming injured at work if you were negligent, but they might also suffer from stress and anxiety through fear. Their morale would then drop, and consequently, so would their productivity.

So, ensure your employees have a safe place in which to carry out their work. And if there are any areas where there is the risk of an accident or injury, take the necessary precautions. This might include giving your employees the necessary training, and it might also include buying equipment to minimise risk. Platform trucks reduce workplace injuries for warehouse staff, for example. When your employees feel safe, they will work more productively. So, think about your business and take the necessary steps to care for them.

#3: It makes financial sense

Okay, so sending your employees on training courses might be expensive. You might dent your finances when providing your employees with safety clothing and equipment. And while you might resent these costs, and perhaps even cut corners to protect your finances, in the long-term, you will profit your business. As we have suggested, safer and happier employees will work harder, and this will bolster your bank balance. You won’t have to face the costs of fines and compensation claims, both of which could cripple your business. And you will keep your insurance premiums down when you can showcase your safety credentials. 

So, don’t bemoan the costs of creating a safer business. It makes financial sense, so let this be one incentive (as if keeping your employees alive wasn’t enough) to focus on health and safety.

Thanks for reading!

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