Why Do So Many Music Careers Fail

May 11, 2015 1:41 pm

OK, Listen up guys, heres the deal. Pay close attention, soak up every word, and share this with your peers and friends. The reason that the majority of you will never succeed is simply because you do not take a proactive approach towards your career.

In todays market more than ever, artists and musicians MUST take a proactive approachtowards their career. Labels, Publishers, and Indie Labels are looking for artists that are also strong marketers,self promoters, and business men. Gone are the days of little Johnny getting noticed by some fat cat record producer that brings him fame and fortune. Wise up guys, it’s now a business, and to succeed, you must be a pro active businessman. Heavy hitters are no longer searching for that elusive diamond in the rough; they are mostly targeting developed self promoting artists to joint venture or partner with.

You MUST acquire skills in Music Promotion, Publishing, and even possibly establishing yourself as a small indie label. You must begin to approach major Labels, Indie Labels, and or music publishers from a potential partnership approach as opposed to just saying hey check out my demo, give me a contract to sign, and bring me fame and fortune. You must be able to show anyone in the industry that you are pro actively climbing to the top of the music business with or without their help.

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Your approach when meeting with any major Label, Indie label, and or Music Publisher should be hey Im going up, I could use your help, get in with me now, because Im going there with or without you. If you cant find a publisher to publish you, then by god publish yourself.
If you cant find a Independent Music Label to sign you, then by god start your own independent label, and sign your self.

Trust me, when you take this approach, and stop depending on others to do for you, and you start showing even a small level of success, Independent labels, and publishers will start suddenly coming out of the woodwork. It is up to you, you can sit on your butt in your bedroom making cool demos of you and or your band all day and handing them out to get shredded by everyone in the music business that gets them, or you can take the pro active approach, get off your butt, and make yourself a success, with or without them. Get the tools, and knowledge you need to begin developing the skills you need to create a systematic game plan towards success, and Just Do It!



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