Why Blackburn Rovers are not so Kean on Steve.

April 30, 2012 2:09 pm

After yesterday’s dreadful showing at Tottenham Hotspur the world can now see why Blackburn Rovers fans are disgruntled with their manager Steve Kean.

Going into a game knowing they needed to get some sort of result in order to boost their chances of survival, fans came out perplexed at their managers decisions after seeing their team defend for 90 minutes and not have one shot at goal in a dreadful 2-0 defeat.

When the Indian consortium Venkys took control of Blackburn Rovers in November 2010 they offered fans promise and ambition and the transfer war chest to match. They could never have imagined the onslaught that was to come from fans in future months.

It took less than a month for them to replace the then current manager Sam Allardyce and propose the idea of a big name to lead the team to an even bigger future. However, the big name replacement never came and instead the appointment of former youth team coach Steve Kean rocked Ewood Park.

The bemused Ewood faithful instantly got behind their new man only to see the team get dragged from a mid-table position into the relegation mire.

As the January transfer window came and went the promise of the transfer war chest was merely opened ajar and transfer targets such as Ronaldinho looked more and more foolish as the days went by.

What was more frustrating for Rovers fans was the litany of excuses that came after a series of poor performances that offered no real explanation for the lack of passion on display. Taking “positives” out of games was not enough to keep fans happy when points were what were desperately needed.

Supporters became disgruntled and after a poor start to the 2011/2012 season protest after protest was organised before and after home games and at one point, during the sides 2-1 home defeat to local rivals Bolton.

The disparagement coming from the stands was not, as perceived by some, a personal attack on the Glaswegian but more towards the inexperience and tactical naivety of their manager. This stems from seeing their team throw away promising leads in games they could, and maybe should have won only to go away from games with defeat or a lackluster point.

The fans themselves were even criticised for their behaviour and several premier league managers voiced their disgust over the treatment of their colleague but it’s difficult to see how differently any other fans would react as a series of poor performances from any team often brings discontent and boos from the stands.

Despite the condemnation that Steve Kean has faced he has never deflected any blame on his players or the owners instead insisting that the team are playing for their under fire boss and that he has the full backing of the Venkys.

Some people are even calling for Kean to be named LMA manager of the year for the way he has conducted himself throughout his time at Blackburn but results will show he is furthest away from winning any accolade.

Since Kean has been in charge at Blackburn the team have managed to fall from a mid table team into massive relegation candidates.

Steve Kean’s character cannot be questioned but his managerial abilities on the field must improve significantly for him to be accepted by the majority of the Blackburn Rovers faithful and if a sharp uptake in fortunes is not evident, his future at the club can only be short-term.

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    Haters gonna hate

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    As a writer for this website myself I’m offended that you think everybody will produce perfect articles that you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for, every time. It takes a lot of time, practice and diligence to publish your ideas for anybody to see; this website is a Godsend to people like me and, I’m sure, others here who need to boost their online portfolios to even be considered for a writing job in the future.
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  • Kenneth ellen

    I thought this article was ace. I LOVE blackburn rovers, from pederson to salgado, they are bi-winning, I have actually met them as well and they are absolutely charming people. unlike some people…….

  • Simon Butterfield

    My friend Seb loves Blackburn.

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    To JEVERETT10, don’t worry about the harsh comments you may receive on your articles – look at any of mine and you will see that some people can be simply vile. Just go on some of my articles and see! You have done well to not rise to the level that has been set, that shows a level of maturity that not everyone has. You will often see that people will come to your rescue in the hundreds – as has happened to me and as has happened on this article! Keep writing 🙂 x

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