Which Job Site Should You Use?

October 30, 2013 4:00 pm

PrintFor years I have been using Gumtree because it is large and has almost every category you can think of. However, I rarely get a really good applicant or job provider through it and so I started to think that perhaps I should search for something more personal which could give me a better chance of success, both in the things I was applying for and in the applicants I was trying to obtain.

Recently, I’ve been trying out Randstad. The reason for this is because they run this program called “How I Became” which allows you to post a video on the success you’ve achieved through the website. It is kind of like a review system except more professional and with more reliable information. Whatever category you want to apply in or recruit from, you can find videos of people who have been successful there and watch to see what they have to say.

For me, it has taken care of many of the reliability problems I had with Gumtree and other job sites I tried and has really helped to provide good opportunities and applicants rather than making me do all the work, which I don’t always have time for. There is room for improvement certainly as the website could do with more people coming to it and therefore more people posting jobs and more applicants to see them but for the moment the reliability and professionalism of the site has won me over and I am prepared to give it a proper trial run.

Here is quick example of the “How I Became” program they operate:


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