What Is The Future Of Energy?

September 25, 2014 3:23 pm

At this moment in time, 25th of September 2014, the most precious commodity sector that exists in the entire world is the oil & gas industry. Oil & gas keeps the world going round fueling cars, heating houses, generating electricity, flying planes and many other things that we rely on on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – oil plays a big part in people’s lives. We extract it from Africa, maintain decades of hostility with Russia largely because of it and just yesterday bombed the oil refineries that have been taken over by the terrorist organisation Isis in the middle east.

But soon all this will change. As we evolve from importing oil to gathering our own oil through fracking so other energy systems have also evolved. We now have roads that double up as solar panels, we have wind farms on our hills and in the ocean, we have countries where more roofs contain solar panels than don’t and we have the ambiguous nuclear power stations. Most people are aware of these alternative styles of energy creation and they are popular for a multitude of reasons most commonly that they are greener methods of energy extraction and that they can be produced at home rather than in an unreliable foreign country on the other side of the world.

future of energy

However, the future of energy is by no means contained within the wind, wave, nuclear, solar and oil sectors. Entrepreneurs from around the world are seeking to create new technology which will solve the energy issues that we all face. There are people creating water from air, people who are extracting electricity from human energy and scientists with even greater hopes of creating sustainable energy through matter-antimatter power methods. Whilst this remains a vision for the future, how long will it be before the oil and gas industry becomes obsolete and we find cleaner, more renewable and ultimately sustainable energy methods to utilise in our daily lives? The answer to that will almost certainly be revealed in the coming decades.

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