What Does 2019 Have In Store For Your Business?

November 21, 2018 2:20 pm

Ok, so this business year is coming to a close, and boy what a year it has been. There have been new EU laws that have rocked the web safety side of the business world, and we’ve seen massive companies who we thought were some of the giants of the business world, either fall down a step or two, or collapse altogether. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt this year, it’s that running a business just doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. There are twists and turns to every company, that every company is probably trying to steer round right this minute. If you don’t know it already, a business is something that’s going to be a commitment for life, not just for the money! But, we digress. We want to talk about what the new year might have for your business, even though we are a couple of months away now. If nothing else, forward thinking is one of the best things you can do for your business, and you definitely need to prepare for the weeks before new year, and the new year. It’s one of the busiest times for a business, but what will happen after all the crazy time ends!?

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What Do You Want From Your Business?

You first need to ask yourself this. What do you actually want from your business next year. We know we say that all companies should always be looking for a ways to expand, but sometimes this just isn’t the best option. If you know you’ve had a crazy year up until now, and you and your business are struggling to cope with it, then you should definitely think about getting on top of things before you allow your business to grow any further. It’s sometimes the stress of running a big company, on both the business and the boss, that can bring it down ultimately. If we’re not thinking on a bigger scale, you should definitely start to think on a smaller scale. What do you want from your employees, can you improve your market, do your products or services need improving? If you think about things from a basic level, and look at everything individually, you’ll come up with a mini plan for each that should get your business where you want to get it!

Is It Time To Expand Further?

If the end of the year has been good to you, you might think that now is definitely the time to expand your business. You might have an influx in money that will convince you opening another store is wise, or making more products, or hiring more employees. But this is only the festive blanket as we like to call it. You should definitely wait until you’re well into the new year to start doing that. But, if it is time to expand, then you need to think about the things that will take your business there. Keeping the right things in-house, and outsourcing others is one key component to good expansion. For example, some big companies like to use an outsourced courier for their deliveries, but we think this just carries far too much risk. This then makes it one component you could easily keep in house. All you would need is a fleet of vans, a warehouse organisation system and manager, and any driver van insurance so that employees can hop in and out of the different vans. It’s a much better system, and you’ll honestly feel more peaceful if it is just kept in house. As for outsourcing, you should definitely think about the big, and possibly harder areas to manage, such as marketing. Marketing is just something company owners wish they could understand, but never actually do. The more you outsource it and the more you try different techniques, the more success you should find with it.

Do You Need To Change Your Ways?

You probably do. There are so many company owners out there who are the talk of the town with their employees and with their customers. All you have to do is look at reviews of the company and you will see all that you need to see. You’ll know if you need to change your ways if your company isn’t making any progress, and if you know you’re getting bad reviews from your customers. It’s all about making a successful business plan to tackle the areas you know your company is failing, and doing something about it, which for most companies there is a lot to change.

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