Uppermost Web development platforms used as a alternative of wordpress

February 17, 2016 12:02 pm

The utmost companies & businesses are in a race to have a superlative website  that can beat the competitors easily. WordPress is a free CMS for web development that uses PHP & MySQL. Know about the other effective platforms for web building, which are substitutes of WordPress.

An open source CMS WordPress is utilized to build billions of websites and it is a testament to its popularity. Still, it is not only platform that can be used to flawless web application development. Developers find many other options for developing a business website. Many other platforms are also launched which are directly competing the WordPress web development. Read the article and know about the top alternatives of WordPress in detail.

1. Wix: Wix is the very powerful competitor of WordPress for creating your website. It allows cloud based web development. Wix recognizes users to develop HTML5 websites & mobile sites. You can develop website easily in wix by their online drag & drop tools. If you are looking for small personal or business websites, wix is the best option. It is available for absolutely free of cost and it has lots of pre-designed default templates that may better than WordPress templates. Wix is having a user-friendly hosted solutions that allow creating content as well as putting technical stuff.

2. Joomla: As per the top web application development company, after WordPress, Joomla is the most popular cms for web development. Joomla is the open source, multi-intensional content management system as it can be used in all industries such as business, education, hospitality, non-profit organizations, health, social networking and many more. Joomla is having all features that WordPress has, in fact more than WordPress. Most considerable things about Joomla is; it runs on almost all web hosting platforms.

3.Tumblr:  Tumblr is the well-liked micro-blogging platform along with social networking website. It allows to submit short-form blog/articles and multimedia, including images, videos, quotes, web links, etc. Tumblr is more popular nowadays because of animated GIF images. Using Tumblr is a damn easy contrast to WordPress as it requires only sign up and you can use it straightly. It’s  not  having lots of free quality blog themes while WordPress has thousands of themes, this is one of the drawbacks of Tumblr.

4. Squarespace: If you are looking for a paid template for your website, Squarespace is the optimum alternative of WordPress. The latest version of Squarespace, which is released in October 2014; delivers extremely elegant modern looking templates. Even Squarespace is easy to use and handle conflict to WordPress. It has by default extra-ordinary templates that you just need to customize. You can also use multiple templates on a single site.

5. Weebly: Among all websites and blog creating platforms, Weebly is probably easier and less complicated website building platform. If you are looking for simple and sober design for your website, Weebly sounds good to you. Unlike to Squarespace, it isn’t having commodious or modern looking. Weebly is designed not only for developers, but for every person who are developing their website without touching a single line of code.

6. Shopify: Now it’s turn to talk about E-commerce web development. Shopify develops eCommerce computer software for your online store. After Magento, Shopify provides delicate eCommerce solution for your online business. Shopify handles a hosting part of your online store while Magento cannot provide this kind of stuff. You have to host your site by yourself in Magento. It is having all other functionalities that ecommerce websites must have. Shopify is a highly recommended platform for developing an online store.

7. Drupal: Drupal is a corresponding open source CMS like WordPress and Joomla with extra fortified technical potential. It is the framework purely based on PHP. It is more suited for business websites. It can also be used as a back-end framework. Drupal is used for approx 2.1% on today’s web cyberspace that expose its popularity in the market.

8. Jimdo: Jimdo is one of the wealthy platforms to build an attractive website. It has the extra ability of optimizing search engines. It consists contemporary templates with exemplary designs. Templates can be defined into various categories. SEO and ASO support makes Jimdo more powerful and user-friendly. There is some disadvantage of Jimdo as well. It gives limited storage capacity and only few design templates are available to use.

As per the above discussion, Choosing a web development platform is strictly dependent upon your web requirements, what your expect & what exactly you want to achieve from your business website. The prominent developers review WordPress as a flexible website creator. All the platforms have their own pros & cons. At last, compare the platforms on the bases of your requirements & select the appropriate one.

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