unePassante’s ‘No Drama’ Reviewed

April 10, 2013 12:00 pm

unePassante, the Italian trio presents ‘No Drama‘. Three years after their debut album More Than One In Number (2010). ‘No Drama’ is expected to release in April. unePassante introduce a completely different outlook in comparison to their last release. Going from jazz / folk and rock to experimenting with electro-pop. This three-year time period had some importance.

Coming to you with a collection of ten tracks, this new album definitely has something to say for itself. The opening track, ‘Utterly Wrong’ is made up of an electro-funk bass luring the listener deep into the song. It certainly represents the genre. Starting with slow-paced vocals demonstrating a sense of illusion / hypnotic. Suddenly the track’s pace changes, a revved up rhythm, enough riffs to make anyone feel dizzy. unePassante carries a slight resemblance to Depeche Mode. A British band originally formulated in 1980. As it has similar pattern as far as the music is concerned; bombarded with crazy riffs and hypnotic sounds. Aside from Depeche Mode, there are others are to compare against such as Soft Cell.

There seems to be an on-going pattern of a mellow introduction driving into a fast-paced sound of an acoustic guitar and piano. ‘Seasaw’ is decorated with acoustic guitar riffs, which introduce a ‘groovy’ outlook. The outlook is bright and fresh, it would turn any frown into a smile. Aside from this, the lyrics welcome its audience with open arms “Come take a ride on my ever swinging seesaw!” It suggests a portrayal of on-going emotions and experiences faced throughout the year. When you listen to ‘No Drama’, at times it feels like you’re bouncing in the club. ‘Extinction’ is a build up, with riffs repeated to build up the anticipation. However, ‘Extinction’ seems to play with the mind, purely because it changes. It becomes something else leading listeners to believe “looks can be deceiving. What started out as a club banger turns into an illusion, leaving you, the listener totally hypnotized by the music. UnePassante

My personal favorite track of ‘No Drama’ has to be ‘XMAN’. The introduction is nicely harmonized with the acoustic guitar. It pulls you into the track, encouraging the listener to pay attention as the track goes through a variety of contrast sounds. The change is apparent when the drums and electronic riffs come in. Another favorite is the bonus track ‘Oh My Monster’. ‘Oh My Monster’ portrays a woman’s struggles with love, life, curiosity, fear, and ambition. Life’s struggles fade away when one is comforted once in the arms of their love interest.

unePassante’s ‘No Drama’ explores with music, bringing you upbeat and at times mellow harmonies to relate to its listeners. If you’re one of those people who are looking to explore a different taste and insight on music, then this is for you!

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