Tribute To Horror Legend

June 15, 2015 9:54 pm

As the shocking news broke out across the grapevine a few days ago that the legendary Hammer actor Sir Christopher Lee has passed away, I just had to write a tribute post dedicated to his infamous work.

Growing up I was introduced to horror at a very early age and for as long as I can remember I heard Christopher Lee’s name constantly throughout my childhood. Being young I obviously did not know who ‘that man’ was. I am from a different generation and being young, actor’s names meant nothing to me.

That was until I sat down and watched Hammer’s Dracula for the first time with my mum on Zone Horror or the Horror Channel! what an experience it was and was soon responsible for snowballing my long lasting love affair with the macabre and unnatural.

With his blood red eyes, razor sharp fangs and eerie stare, it was hard not to get addicted to the world of the Vampire. What was not to love? They are immortal, they can turn into smoke and bats and just overall bad-ass.

We all have been through the phase of obsessing over eternal life. it appeals to everyone. Even now I still have an obsession with all things Vampire orientated and it is all thanks to Christopher Lee’s portrayal of Bram Stokers Dracula.

Each time I read the book I see Christopher Lee’s face in front of me. Yes there have been many portrayals of The Prince Of Darkness, both past and present, some good, some bad, but for me there is only one Dracula and that is Christopher Lee.


I was amazed at how many film appearances this infamous man has graced us lovely viewers with. From Star Wars to Gremlins and to one of his other brilliant roles, Saruman in J R R Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, Sir Christopher Lee is surly leaving behind a great legacy that no one will forget.

He truly was a great man and a talented actor and will be greatly and sorely missed through out the world of the silver screen!

Not only was he a brilliant actor but had a burning passion for Heavy Metal! I respect him so much for this as it proves to me how down to earth a man he was.

Speaking on behalf of all the young generations out there I would just like to say that if wasn’t for Sir Christopher Lee, we would not have the great films and actors that we have today.

He was an inspiration to many, actors and musicians alike.

Thank you Christopher Lee for keeping us on our toes and never failing to amaze. You will be universally missed!


1922 – 2015

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