Trading CFD On Commodities With XFR Financial Ltd (XTrade)

April 5, 2016 8:00 pm

CFD trading gives you the option of trading on various financial markets without owning any underlying asset. This way you receive both the advantages of trading on the price fluctuations of various popular markets as well as the advantages of trading on contracts. XFR Financial Ltd (XTrade) is the broker which has earned a good name in the field of trading CFD and it is committed to provide the best experience of trading on all types of major assets like commodities, stocks and Forex.

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When you are looking to invest time in Trading CFD

In the field of trading CFD on commodities, XTrade or XFR Financial Ltd provides a number of options to trade like Gold, Oil, Silver and more. The best advantage is that you can trade on the price fluctuations of the commodities but you don’t need to take the ownership of any commodities. The only thing is to take the contract which is the agreement to exchange the differences in prices. Trading offers a number of advantages and distinct features and they are explained below.

XTrade offers no commissions and offers fixed spreads

You get the benefit of trading on CFD with no commissions on trades with XTrade. This offers the advantage of trading CFD freely without any commission. XFR Financial Ltd offers fixed spreads and thus offers you low cost of trading with XTrade.

Trading over commodities with Leverage

XTrade offers you the advantage of trading CFD on commodities with the leverage feature in which you just trade with a small amount of money as initial deposit. With Leverage you can trade with only a small portion of the total value of the trade you want to perform. Leverage ratio goes as high as 1:400 which means you can trade with $400 value of trade by depositing just 1$ as margin. Thus if you do not have much money in your account with XFR Financial Ltd, even then you can make trades of higher amounts with XFR Financial Ltd or XTrade by using leverage.

Benefit from both rising and falling markets

The best advantage of CFD trading with XTrade is that you can benefit from both the rising or falling market of the commodities and the only thing you need is to predetermine your order position. It does not matter in which direction the asset price moves in trading CFDs with XFR Financial Ltd. The correct prediction is required and how much it moves in that direction is important.

Profit and loss control at XFR Financial Ltd

XTrade provides state of art tools to predefine the profit or loss limits in trading with it. The positions you made with XFR Financial Ltd will close when the targets are met. This helps a lot in controlling the risks of CFD trading.

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