Top Luxury Villas in Mykonos

May 17, 2013 5:48 am

Are you planning to have a real bash with friends this summer? Try to explore Mykonos, a magnificent city situated in the heart of the Greek Islands. Mykonos is the perfect city for tourists who want to have a remarkable vacation with their loved ones.Mykonos-Waterfront

The travelling spree to the city gets doubled when you book a villa covering all the luxurious pursuits. These work wonders to give a lavish stay to the Greek city through an unrevealing experience to eat, drink, stay and shop. In order to have unforgettable experience and to discover Mykonos, pick the finest luxurious villas in the city:

1.Villa Galaxy
This vibrant villa, situated on the hilltop of the Aegean Sea, seems to be a peaceful pick for the stay. It covers the scenic beauty of natural surroundings, including the rarest collection of stone, marble or wooden furniture and fixtures that reciprocate well with the villa décor. These villas are fully equipped with offers related to chauffeur, butler, chef, personal charter and yacht.

2.Honde Villa
This unique villa is a ‘must have’ home for tourists visiting Mykonos. Perfect providing the world class stay to the city, the villa complements well to the household area with desirable options of interior décor. Hiring of this villa is suitable from May to September. It serves its guests with complimentary items to gourmet and drinks. It is acclaimed to have contemporary interiors comprising of personalized terrace, pool, spacious room and lots more.

3.Villa Pelicanos
A renowned villa situated in the hub of Mykonos, it gives its customers a cheerful experience to the journey. It offers top notch travel services in great comfort, luxury and customized style. Overall, it is a well equipped villa covering all the basic amenities to stay, relax and have fun.

4.Apollo Retreat
The best villas of Mykonos, ready to attract a great number of visitors to its kitty. This exclusive place is famous for offering a great combo of amenities- covering pool, Jacuzzi, terrace, pergola, barbeque, living area and so on.

5.Rock Garden Villa
As the name suggests, this gorgeous villa covers one of the best services of travel and tourism. It includes a beach style house, incorporating one of the best picks to rock garden terrace. It provides complete privacy to guests to relax and rejuvenate peacefully under the sun with their loved ones.

6.Aerie Villa
This luxurious villa is famous for charming the guests with panoramic views of the sunset into the sea. It covers marvelous sightseeing expeditions of three islands: Syros, Tinos and Delos. The villa is accustomed to offer private buildings to tourists, giving them the chance to spend a gala time with their mates.

7.Isolated Villa at Agrari Beach
The perfect villa: it offers communal stay for guests, and it is located by the sea shore of Agrari. It is a quiet and peaceful place to live and have fun in the lap of nature.

8.Villa Resort at Karpari Beach
This particular villa could offer the resort-like experience to the guests. Being situated nearby the Karpari Beach of Agios Ioannis, it gives top-notch services to private gardens, place, and indoor-outdoor dining area with amazing décor.

9.Oasis Villa
An incredible villa located on the outskirts of Mykonos, this one offers complete picturesque location to live, relax and roam around. It becomes the best vacation stroll for tourists who come visiting to explore the authentic styles to lush green beauties at the sea-shore.

10.Villas at Aleomandra
This majestic villa is situated on the outskirts of Delos Island, which is just a 15 minute drive from Mykonos city. The villa tends to offer exclusive retreat to perform several sea explorations, which cover: scuba diving, boating, yacht riding and plenty more.

To Summarize, there is a plethora of choices to be made to Luxury villas in Mykonos and Chalets in Courchevel. Just gear up to plan an exotic vacation to Greece to have lovely time with your family and friends.

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