Top 3 Secrets to Lower the Energy Bills in Glasgow

February 16, 2015 3:00 pm

Lately, tremendous efforts have been made in Scotland to bring down the energy consumption. Although rich in energy, Scotland alone accounts to 9% of total energy consumption in UK.
Glasgow, being the largest city in the state, holds a significant amount of responsibility towards the statistics.

Households in the city have become conscious about using energy efficiently. Switching off the lights when leaving a room, using energy efficient bulbs, keeping windows closed to capture the warmth instead of constantly keeping the heating on, etc; these common strategies definitely bring down the bill to a limited extent, but if you want to see a significant fall in your energy bills, here are the top three secrets that will definitely make the magic happen.   

                                                    Home energy efficiency

Replace Obsolete Heating Supplies

According to a recent survey, heating accounts to the maximum energy consumption of the households. Outdated heating supplies can be the reason behind higher fuel or gas consumption than it might normally require. It’s necessary to identify the components which have become old enough and get them replaced in time. While buying a replacement, you should make sure that you choose only the energy efficient heating supplies.

 Same Supplier for Gas and Electricity

Coming in of several small energy providers in UK has thrown a challenge for the “big six”. This means that you can free yourself from the slavery of these monopolistic big shots in the field of energy supply and check out the other options popping up in the market. The best way out is to conduct a survey and compare the rates. There are a few providers offering significantly lower rates. Choose the same supplier for both gas and electricity. In this way you will be able to avail the best deal.

 Favourable Thermostat Setting

Make sure that you set the thermostat at not more than 20 degrees. In case the temperature is set higher than this, it can be dragging your energy costs unnecessarily high. Remember, every single degree increase in the thermostat setting amplify energy cost by 8% to 10%.

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