Tips To Spruce Up Your Home For Potential Buyers

October 25, 2018 2:58 pm

Quite often, small changes are all that’s needed to make your home more valuable to potential buyers. The tips outlined below will improve your property without the need to spend a small fortune.

The First Impression

First impression matters a great deal. Paint your front door to make buyers feel welcome, replace your old house numbers with shiny new ones, purchase a nice welcome mat and place plants with bright colours by your front door. This works for commercial property when ordering commercial painting service is the best solution to refresh the exterior of the building. The same applies to your private property.  Hide your wheelie bins and power wash your home to remove and mould or dirt.

The Overgrown Garden

If your garden is overgrown, it may send buyers running for hills. Trim your bushes and hedges, weed the flower beds and mow your lawn. Coordinated planters are inexpensive and add appeal. Take a good look at your outdoor storage shed and see if it needs some paint. Garden lighting makes a big difference when you show your home during the evening. Review of BestVA LED grow lights will help you decide what glow lighting option is the best for you.

Just as an aside, having an overgrown garden can also negatively impact the house price of your neighbours since it can make your whole street look less desirable.

The Clutter

The best way to make the inside of your home appear larger is to get rid of any clutter. The buyer must believe there is enough room for their possessions. This is a good time to throw out, donate or sell anything you do not intend to keep. It is most efficient to concentrate on one room at a time. You should straighten anything out of place prior to a viewing.

The Bathroom

You do not need to overhaul your bathroom to improve the appearance. Refresh or paint the walls, put up a new toilet roll and towel holders and make sure it is clean. This includes removing any lime-scale from the shower and basin and scrubbing the grout. Inexpensive accessories such as a coordinating toilet brush holder and bin make a nice impression. Store your cleaning products and any clutter out of sight. Purchase a new toilet seat for a smarter look and replace the shower head, taps and curtain. A nice diffuser and fluffy towels add a relaxing touch. Use a washable and moisture resistant paint for any touch ups.

The Importance of the Kitchen

The kitchen is important and must be properly prepared. Remove any clutter from the counters, all surfaces and the tops of the cupboards. Add a matching chrome toaster and kettle. Use a neutral coloured paint that is resistant to moisture. A little bit of paint will bring your kitchen cabinets back to life. If the units are fronted in glass, paint the insides for a splash of colour. To finish off the room, add a few pieces of art, a couple of co-ordinated tea towels and fresh flowers in a pretty pot. If possible, add a composite overlay to the work surfaces and replace the old sink tap with something more modern.

The Lighting

Nothing dulls a room more than old lighting. Replace your old bulbs with LED’s to instantly create a lighter space. Venetian blinds or shutters from Shuttercraft increase the light beautifully as opposed to old blinds and curtains for a minimal cost. These can be made to order to ensure they are the right size. The potential buyers will be looking at your home through new eyes. They will notice how much light is in your home. If the home is not bright, add a few floor and table lamps. This is especially important when it is overcast. Light is blocked by heavy draperies and curtains. Clean them or replace them with something lighter and brighter.

Sprucing Up the Living Room

The best way to give your living room a fresh look is with paint. Neutral colours will appeal to a wider variety of tastes. Create interest with a few pieces of artwork. Throws and cushions are inexpensive and add instant texture and colour. An inexpensive mirror opposite the window creates a larger appearance. Spruce up the furniture and replace or hide old carpeting. A well place rug works beautifully. Remove any clutter such as knickknacks so the room does not feel claustrophobic.

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