Tips to Pick the Best Luxury Villas in Corfu for Vacation

May 13, 2013 6:00 pm

Located in the Ionian Sea in Greece, Corfu is a large island (in fact the second largest of the Ionian Islands), which is known for its exotic beauty and traditional Greek ambience. In the past few years, it has emerged as a popular holiday destination for people looking to run away from their busy life schedules.

If you are you planning to run away from your busy and hectic life and spend some time alone with your loved ones, then Corfu be just the perfect choice for an exotic holiday this season. To add that extra zing into your trip, you can choose to stay in luxury villas in Corfu.

Here is a look at some of the reasons that make these luxury villas such a great option to stay in – Corfu town

1. A comfortable stay – when you are taking a break from your busy life schedule, the first thing that you look for is comfort. Can you imagine a holiday without having a comfortable stay in the hotel you choose to check in? Definitely not. This is why choosing to stay at a place that offers you full comfort is the only option. After all, you have come away from just to relax and enjoy, not getting a rugged treatment at a foreign place. Therefore, luxury villas are the perfect choice for you.

2. Luxury personified – staying in any of the luxury villas available in Corfu can make your journey exciting to the core, and definitely an unforgettable one. Just imagine, lying on the poolside with your beloved and watching the sun sink down in the Ionian Sea. Even a thought of such mesmerizing sight gives person goose bumps. Whether you are planning for a romantic trip with your beloved or looking for a fun holiday with a bunch of friends, these luxury villas will make your journey worth while

3. Away from hush and noise – if you are looking to spend some soothing and relaxing time, then these luxury villas in Corfu going to a great option. What makes them such a great choice is the fact that you can get away from all the rush of the world and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Without worrying about anything, you can simply lay back and enjoy the natural beauty of this Greek island.

4. Find yourself lost in the traditional Greek ambience – you can find many luxury villas in Corfu, which have a traditional set up. Though there are many options for people looking for contemporary villas but if you want to have the feel of real Greek era, then you must opt to stay in a traditional luxury villa and make your stay in this ancient country a pleasant one.

5. Enjoy the services that come along – most of these places offer add-on services and packages to make their deals lucrative. Well, all that comes as a big positive for you. As a part of the package, you would get chauffeur service to pick you up from the airport on your arrival. In addition, avail tour guides that will help you roam around and enjoy the city, spa treatments to soothe your body after a day full of fun, nanny and babysitting services for parents travelling with their infants, as well as sports and activities like horse riding. Now, isn’t that simply a great package?

Looking at all the above mentioned services one can easily be tempted to plan a trip to this Greek Island and have a luxurious stay in this amazing setting. It will be a truly special experience.

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