Tips and tricks for clearing IELTS exam

August 20, 2019 11:30 am

Students who want to pursue higher education abroad have to follow a certain process to enrol for a programme. Securing a position at a globally-recognised university requires students to fulfil all the entry requirements set by the university. One of the most common criteria across colleges is the IELTS score. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is an English proficiency test and is recognised globally. The test comprises of four parts – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Most universities give equal weight to all four sections of the test and expect applicants to have consistent scores across all bands. 

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

The process of choosing the college and the course to study can be daunting. Add in the need to successfully complete the IELTS exam and it can get quite stressful. If you want to ace the IELTS exam and grab a seat at a university of your choice, this blog is for you. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you clear the IELTS exam with flying colours. 

  • Strengthen your vocab game: You must have a strong hold over English vocabulary. To get better at the English language, you must understand which words to use in what context. A great way to improve your vocabulary is reading. Develop the habit of reading newspapers and novels. The more words you explore, the better it will be for your vocab skills. You can also learn new words by listening to English news. Always keep a dictionary handy, in case you come across a word that you don’t know the meaning of. According to research, repeating a word for 20 odd times can help you use the word in your day-to-day interactions, with convenience. 
  • Work on your writing skills: Writing is an essential part of the IELTS exam as well as a student’s academic life. Hence, it is imperative that you improve your writing skills before sitting for the IELTS test. IELTS is a speed-based test, wherein you have to focus on your time management skills. Try to practice writing within a stipulated frame of time as it can help you improve your writing skills. Furthermore, while you are appearing for the mock test, ensure that you never write an answer below the suggested length. Try to be as accurate as you can with the word limit.

  • Learn how to be eloquent: Speaking is one of the components of the IELTS test, where examiners determine whether your speaking skills are up to the mark. The speaking component is categorised into three parts – a structured interview, short talk and the free interview. The best way to hone your speaking skills is by practising consistently. You should focus on talking loudly while practising for the speaking section. This will help you become more confident about speaking at the interview and will also help you understand the level of your fluency.
  • Listen carefully: Communication is a two-way street and listening is an important part of it. Examiners gauge your listening skills based on how well you can absorb information and represent it on paper. Since in the actual test you will only be allowed to listen to the audio once, you must follow the same rule while practising for the test.

You can also choose the option of an IELTS training course to prepare for the test and ace it. Conquering the IELTS test takes you a step closer to your dream of studying abroad, so hurry and sign up for an IELTS preparatory course today!

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