Timeless Fashion Trends

September 4, 2019 10:28 pm

Style is all about embracing individuality, but there are a few wardrobe essentials every man should have. You can easily create a timeless transitional look. These trends help you; spend less time buying clothes because you know what to go for. Ideal for all ages and tastes, not too flashy and timeless; the following clothing items will not let you down.

1. The Leather Jacket

It has been around since the 1900s and has become an icon. Whether it is tailored, aviator or biker style, this item will complement any look. Durable and very versatile, a leather jacket is suitable for any occasion and weather. It adds a quirky edge to your look. It is a great investment piece that will serve you for a long time. 

2. The Navy Suit

Every man looks good in a navy suit. It’s a shade that has transcended time. Despite the cut of the suit, a navy suit will have you looking your best and infinitely cool. It’s touted as the male version of the little black dress. You can spruce it up with accessories such as a bow tie or cufflinks to show off your style. 

3. Fitted Blue Jeans and The White T-Shirt

Nothing is more timeless in any wardrobe than a blue jean and a white tee. When it comes to denim, blue denim ranks highest in longevity and style. This simple look appeals to a broad audience, thus earning this ensemble a spot in the fashion limelight. With the many variations of denim available nowadays, buying a new pair of jeans can be hard. You have to consider color, style, and fit. Purchase a quality cotton t-shirt as it will serve you better. Choose a good fit too, not something too baggy that hides your body.

4. The Trench Coat

This is a guaranteed way to sharpen any look. The collar frame’s your face, and if it is belted, it can clinch the waist elongating your silhouette. The right trench coat can cover up any fashion mistakes turning even the shabbiest man into a looker.

Here are some essential fashion tips to remember while putting together your timeless looks.

Purchase quality clothes. They may be pricier, but the tradeoff is worth it.

● Keep it simple and be a minimalist. You don’t need a lot of clothing articles to look stylish. 

● Adopt timeless trends. They are timeless because they have worked time and time again. You can be sure they will work for you.

● Always buy fitting clothes that you are comfortable with and that suit your style. 

● Dress for your body type and don’t try too hard. Expensive clothes are not always better. 

Keep the pillars of fashion in mind when buying clothes. That is; fit, fabric, and function. With well-chosen products, a timeless style is easy to pull. As a rule, keep in mind that less is always more, so keep it simple and be comfortable. Be sure to respect the weather and dress accordingly. 

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