The vicious media circle

June 24, 2012 6:00 pm

The media can be a very influential factor when it comes to what we think and do. As it comes in many different formats, ranging from TV to radio to print, it can be hard to escape. It can hold the power to shape our perception of things and how we react to situations.

Even though media is meant to be unbiased, it isn’t always the case. Problems begin when personal bias begins to seep through media coverage. It is not uncommon for people to believe everything they hear on the news. After all, it is what some people believe to be the truth.

In the morning as we are getting ready for work, what do we flick on TV? The news. As we jump on a bus to town to meet our friends, what do we read? A newspaper. As technology has advanced it is now even easier to get the latest news with just one click. With mobile apps news can be read on the go.

Years ago, before the birth of the Internet, people had to wait for the news to come on TV or read a newspaper. Modern times have made it much easier to access information on demand. The convenience of modern media is a big factor as to why more and more people are allowing themselves to be influenced by the media and consuming it religiously every day.

Considering the widespread accessibility and consumption of media, is it possible to say there is a positive correlation between advances in technology and the media’s attempt at world domination?

Some may disagree, saying it’s a personal choice whether to believe if what they read is true or not. But with some of the sensationalistic and elaborate stories that are printed today, can you blame them?

Another angle that needs to be addressed is the question of why the media seem to be so desperate to print interesting stories. It may be the readers’ fault. If you are reading the news every day, don’t you expect to read something new tomorrow? It’s pretty obvious what your answer might be.

So let’s take a step back and look at the whole equation. As technology has advanced and people are able to get hold of news easier, the demand has increased. As a result, the media is now taking more drastic measures to print fresh news stories. This is the ongoing cycle of the relationship between the media and its audience it attracts day after day.

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