The truth about Snapchat

July 25, 2014 10:14 pm

It’s another world wide fad that hit our marketing system back last year , taking the world by storm as another novelty app for our iPhones and smartphones.

Developed by Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, who at the time of development were Stanford University students, Snapchat has managed to make another mark in the history of pointless phone applications.

I always wondered, what was the whole point of this app? Yes, you can send pictures of yourself via Snapchat to a whole bunch of different recipients whilst you have control of who that snap actually goes to but where is the fun in that?

Just so you all know I’m not set out to be a prude here and I’m definitely not out to attack others source osnapchatf fun and sense of humour but, hasn’t it ever occurred to you the dangers that Snapchat could enhance?

There are millions of our population (who I dare not say are snap chatting this very second), out there; many of whom are of all ages; including teens and children even.

Yes, Snapchat was a great novelty at first but since its fad has become less popular now there are many secrets about this phone app that many of us do not realise.

For instance, the app has been used as a tool to bully children. Does that make Snapchat fun for children who are suffering the consequences of such a device?

Many parents have complained about this and rightfully so. Though the app is not the only source of harm and trauma for its sufferers, it still remains another inappropriate and childish way to use a phone app as a weapon to attack people.

Another fact about Snapchat is that it makes it much more easier for people to send explicit photos of themselves via this new craze of technology.

It is a sad fact that even youngsters, ages ranging between 12 and 17-years, have sent or received a “sext” from someone they know. It is such a shame that an innocent child can so easily get corrupted by a creation that should clearly be made for adults only.

If such images fall into the wrong hands then the consequences would be devastating. Though we are all accustomed to thinking that it is “just a bit of fun” to another person who is suffering abuse from an anonymous internet troll it can be potentially life threatening.

So the next time that your are all snap chatting away take one second and consider the harm that this overdeveloped phone sensation could be doing to many lives out there.

I’m not saying that you must stop using Snapchat, all I want is for others to acknowledge the next snap they take. Our generation of children today have already suffered enough delusion to make them think that they have to look and act a certain way so that can be accepted into society. Do not help brainwash them any further so think about your next snap or pay the price. Afterall a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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