The top 3 Counter Strike Global Offensive Hack

June 7, 2017 5:57 pm

Counter Strike, a classic multiplayer first-person shooting (FPS) game, took the global gaming community by storm in 1999 and has since driven millions of active users each month. Counter Strike Global Offensive, the game’s fourth and newest release, was launched in 2012 and is made compatible with different platforms including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3.

The latest Counter Strike installation is more or less similar to the original version. Unlike other popular FPS games, Counter Strike Global Offensive do not adopt some game elements including automatic health regeneration, precision aiming using iron sights, instant respawn, and much more. The servers were also tweaked to handle multiplayer matches across different platforms. Aside from a few technical changes that should help improve the playing experience, the game developers also added new and exciting weapons and reconstructed the maps for a more balanced gameplay.


Another major change in Counter Strike Global Offensive is the ranked matchmaking system. It means that the players are ranked based on an Elo rating system and pitted against players with similar ratings; thus preventing mismatches on 5 versus 5 battles. While there are mixed reactions about the latest update, the ranked matchmaking system will hopefully be able to give beginners a fair chance to winning games and to provide skilled players a tougher challenge. But even with the update, newbies still find it difficult to advance their rank. After all, it is a game where the strong ones get victorious and less skilled players are repeatedly crushed unless they improve significantly.


The great thing is that there are many Counter Strike Global Offensive hacks that you can use to enhance your overall experience and become a better player. Visit and get high-quality, secure, and feature-packed hacks for Counter Strike Global Offensive. Check out the top 3 amazing hacks that you can add to your game.


  1. Aimbot


Aimbots are perhaps the standard hack for shooting games and they are also used even by the game’s best players. The best aimbots should have smooth aiming features that mimic natural human movement. Quick firing, target search, and switching are also important elements of a good aimbot. To avoid detection by game moderators, aimbots should also allow user modification of vision and weapon range to more realistic values.


  1. Triggerbot


Unlike aimbots where the program automatically aims and targets enemies, triggerbots only fire with the active weapon once the crosshair is moved over an enemy. If you have shaky hands or poor accuracy, then triggerbots should be a great addition to your game. Triggerbots are also safer to use as they are less likely to be detected by game moderators than aimbots. Another modification of this bot is the Automatic Firing wherein you can lock onto the enemy and let the program finish off your opponent for you.


  1. ESP


ESP hack is also one of the most commonly used add-ons in FPS games. ESP is used to locate your enemies at all times and anywhere on the map. Also displayed are the names of the players and the selected weapon. Depending on the features of the hack, it may also warn the player when an enemy is in proximity.

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