The Secrets to a Lasting Friendship

July 12, 2012 5:00 pm

Keeping childhood friends can be a serious task as everyone begins to take different paths in life. As we hit the milestones, such as leaving school and going to university, not everyone still wants to be an astronaut or ballerina.

Try to think back to when you were five. It’s your first day at school and you’re all ready to go, wearing your new, smart uniform. Your parents probably more nervous than you are. When you reach the classroom you take a seat at one of the desks and to your left there’s another kid, dressed in the same uniform, with the same worried face. You daringly say ‘hello’ and at that moment you make history: this is your new best friend.

When the bell goes and around comes playtime, you feel invincible. You walk onto that playground like you own the place, with your new best friend by your side. As the clock strikes three, you grab your coat and run out of the school gates to tell your mum about the amazing new friend you’ve made today. It’s been a day that will change the rest of your life.

Many years go past. Your school days revolve around countless sleepovers and trips around each other’s houses for tea. Friends are what make these days the most memorable time of your life. But what happens when that fateful day arrives and you have to part? As some people choose to go to college and others go into employment, the most important thing to remember if you want to achieve a lasting friendship is never do something just because your friend is. Always be your own person but never be more than a phone call away. A friendship that is going to last will stand strong, you must just trust in it.

As you both grow and begin to mould to a life for yourself, never forget the kid that you met on your first stay at school. Never forget the ups and downs and the strength you gave to each other. Growing up is hard to do and your childhood best friend is often the one who makes it happy and helps you find out who you are. Always respect and admire them, cherish your memories, and you will have a friendship that lasts forever.

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