The Most Infamous Computer Troubles We All Have

April 1, 2019 4:43 pm

We all have trouble with the tech we keep in our houses – the nature of technology is that it’s often unreliable, and we have to keep an eye out for trouble. Of course, the longer you own the new iPhone, the better you can deal with its quirks – but we don’t all have the same kind of relationship with our computers.

They’re not in our pockets 24/7, we don’t often fall asleep watching videos on them. Instead, we reserve them for things like working, and for playing video games. And that means the common issues all PC owners face can be ones we have no idea how to deal with, which is a huge problem.

So let’s try and fix that. Here’s some of the best solutions for the most common computer problems that you can think about.


The Blue Screen of Death

It’s something we all hear about, but very few of us actually experience in the modern day and age. They’re sudden, and come out of nowhere, and jumpscare you into never wanting to use your computer again. Fortunately, operating systems have become a lot better at handling their own programming in the 2010s. But blue screening was a big deal back in the 2000s, and in 2019, they look a lot different on our operating systems.

If you want a quick and suffice rundown of what causes a blue screen of death, watch the video above. (Video by Techquickie)

But a BSOD is something a lot of people can easily fix on their own, despite all the fear surrounding the common name. Your computer itself will often give you the rundown on what’s happening inside the machine at the moment, and what’s going wrong exactly, and it will most likely tell you you have to reboot the system to get your normal desktop back. Simply following these instructions is going to work out for you 99% of the time – and for the other 1%, simply phoning into an IT helpdesk can quickly sort your issue.

Knowing How to Safely Download

We all download files from the internet, whether they be videos or images or PDFs we’ll one day find useful. But often enough, downloading is a double edged sword – on one side is the file you want, and the other side there might be a lingering virus ready to infect your PC.

Imposter scams are incredibly common on the internet, which makes downloading a serious game, and you always need to be sure of the providence of the website you’re using to save your online media. Even big software companies issue warnings on how to safely purchase and install their product, and you’ve probably needed to use a guide on how to download Adobe Flash Player for Mac before now. All in all, make sure you’ve got your firewall turned on, and that any download passing through it is thoroughly vetted.

These were just a couple of the biggest worries – make sure you know the rest.

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