The Most Famous Tribute Acts in Music

December 16, 2014 2:38 pm

Tribute acts continue to be a draw around the world. For people who do not want to fork outwards upwards of £100 for a ticket to see the real thing, tribute bands put on a committed performance and are usually as a technically proficient as their idols (if not as creative). To celebrate holiday providers UK Breakaways running tribute weekends in several corners of the country, here is a run-down of some tributes in history who have gained almost as much attention as the real versions.


No Way Sis

‘The second best band in the world’, according to Noel Gallagher,  became famous for recording a version of the New Seekers song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing’ in the style of their muses as a reaction against the former band suing Oasis for their appropriation of the tune. The band are also notable for their two appearances on the legendary BBC chart run down Top Of The Pops.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Original Pink Floyd member David Gilmour was so impressed by the Adelaide group that he invited them to play at his 50th birthday party, an experience which must have been strange for all involved. The band have also played the real Glastonbury, as opposed to the tributes-only festival Glastonbudget.


The Iron Maidens

One of two all-girl tribute bands on our list, The Iron Maidens’ success can be measured by their two albums they’ve released (one of which features Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell) as well as a DVD of a tour of Japan in 2010.

Lez Zeppelin

The Description in SPIN magazine in 2005 as ‘the most powerful all-female band in rock history’, was one of many plaudits placed on the New Yorkers early in their career. The Led Zeppelin tribute band earned a place in the studio with producer Eddie Kramer, who worked with the original 70s luminaries as well as Jimi Hendrix, to record their album.


The Parrots

Japan’s top Beatles tribute act made the news in 2013 when Sir Paul McCartney himself played with the group at a surprise birthday party for his wife Nancy Shevell. Before that the Tokyo band made many fans in the UK when opening for The Artic Monkeys at a set of high profile shows they performed at Old Trafford in 2007.

Bjorn Again

Another group of Aussies replicating their heroes, Bjorn Again are a light-hearted take on Swedish superstars Abba. The group have also covered songs by bands such as Metallica and Erasure but always returned to their disco roots. Abba’s Bjorn and Benny have repeatedly publicly endorsed the Melbourne band and they also have celebrity fans such as Bill Gates, Rowan Atkinson and Russell Crowe.

The Bootleg Beatles

Surely one of the longest running tribute act in the world, the Bootleg Beatles have been plying their trade since 1980. The Londoners inevitably supported Oasis during the 90s and played another headline-grabbing performance on the roof of the building which was once the headquarters for The Beatles’ Apple Corps.

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