The Mindy Project

May 15, 2013 8:13 pm

the mindy project

Some of you may have seen or heard about the new TV show that aired on Tuesday – The Mindy Project.

Personally, I love this TV show. It isn’t based around usual stereotypical generalization that passes for television these days. It’s witty, sassy, and all for girl power!

It is also the first US TV series starring a South Asian/American as the series lead.

This TV show revolves around Mindy Lahiri (played by the creator of the show, Mindy Kaling), an OB/GYN trying to balance her personal and professional life, with out much luck.

You might recognise Mindy as Vanetha, the psychologist in ‘The Five Year Engagement’ or Shira, the doctor and roommate of the main protagonist in ‘No Strings Attached’ – both fantastic movies, I have to say.

I would recommend this TV Show to anyone with a beating heart.

Airing: Tuesdays, 9:30 on E4.

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