The Lone Ranger: Behind The Scenes

June 19, 2013 6:27 pm

Johnny Depp is finally back on the big screen in The Lone Ranger, where he stars -alongside Armie Hammer- as Tonto, a native American warrior  that helps John Reid on his quest for justice.

The Lone Ranger is going to be one of the biggest films this summer! Not only because of the cast -and there are some pretty big names in there! Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp, William Fichtner… But also for the amazing celebrity stunts performed.

We all know that Gore Verbinski hates green screens and loves to make everything as real as it can get, but did he go to far in The Lone Ranger? A behind the scenes featurette released by Disney shows Johnny Depp getting trampled on by a horse and Armie Hammer perched on the end of a spirit platform over looking a cliff!

Armie’s Big Stunt!

In a recent interview, Gore said that “audiences have gotten too smart and know when you are faking it“, and I completely agree with him. If Armie’s shot was green screened, that would be the first complaint of anybody who had seen the movie. So you have to give Armie some credit for actually going up there and doing the shot. Even if he had a harness on, he still had to be perched on the end of a spirit platform with a helicopter almost blowing him off it!

The Lone Ranger comes out August 9th in the UK and Ireland.



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