The Golden Triangle of SEO Content

September 22, 2012 5:40 pm

Everyone with a website these days knows the importance of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. However, often people forget about SEO content, focusing instead on all the link building and meta-tags, and every other service the companies sell you. This is all well and good; to create a successful website, you need to be up-to-date with the latest tricks of the trade. However, don’t underestimate the importance of having well-written content.

 There are three primary reason for having SEO-maximised content.

Increases Search Engine Rankings

This can come from links and media files, but a large part of it is the written word. There are two different types of results that appear on a page; paid and organic. Paid results are those that companies have spent good money to have at the top of the page, in the hope that you will click on them. Organic results are those that are picked up by search engines and their little spider bots. Search engines have different ways of working, but generally they all look for content that is most relevant to the reader. Your content should therefore incorporate the key words and phrases that are most sought after. However, it should be done so that the content is still interesting. Click here to learn how to do it efficiently.

Engages The Reader

A professional SEO writer will know where to include key terms, and which ones to highlight. By putting certain key words and phrases in bold, the reader can skim through your page and find what they are looking for straight away. If they can see that it is related to their search, then they are more likely to stay on and read more. It is argued that search engines also pick up on the ‘bounce rate’, which measures whether someone has clicked on your link and immediately hit the backspace to go back to the results page. You don’t want this to happen, and the main way to combat this is to ensure that your content is interesting, relevant, and informative. Show your readers that you can provide what they are looking for; the answers to their questions!

Increases the likelihood of quality links from other sites

Another important aspect of SEO is back-linking. If your website has incoming links from other websites with high standings, then it will be higher up the rankings. So how do you attract these links? Well, you are certainly more likely to gain them if your website has great content. Social media sites such as Reddit, Pinterest and Stumbleupon are becoming more and more important in creating and sustaining an online personality. People have itchy fingers, and are likely to press ‘share’ or ‘like’ to anything they enjoyed reading. So make sure your content is fun and keeps them hooked!

So there you have the three key factors of good SEO content. However, as the title to this article suggests, they also work together. Take, for example, increased search rankings. If your site is ranked well, then it will be treated with more authority than those below it. If you are in the top ten, then you are likely to be picked up and shared. You might even find that you get more quality back-links because of it. If you have more back-links, then it will increase traffic and your overall ranking. If you engage the reader, then you are also more likely to get back-links, as other people will see that your content has interested someone and they will want to find out more. This is especially powerful when it comes to social media sites, as everyone wants to know what everyone else has been ‘liking’/’sharing’ and getting up to.

These three points go hand in hand, and should not be forgotten. You can pay a lot of money to get a brilliantly built website that has an incredible SEO optimisation, but if your content is weak then few people are going to read it or share it. You will soon find yourself slipping out of the market and wondering where you have gone wrong. You can also find the best way to schedule GMB posting for SEO maximized posting and great content in building your very own successful website.

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